Training for Police Physical Test

by Joshua

I am training for a police physical fitness test.
I have to run 1.5 miles in 16 minutes and 28 secondss.
Now I am sure that doesn't seem like much but let me tell you how much I despise running... :)

Do you have any custom programs or tips you could give me?

I have around 8-10 weeks to train.

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Joshua,

Without knowing your base situation (what exercise do you do, what is your current time on that distance, how often do you run etc.) it is a bit hard to give you good advice.

However, a few hints and pointers:

  • For the coming 8-10 weeks, run three-four times per week; it is okay if you run and walk (see my run/walk beginner running programs in the beginner section for examples).

  • Slowly build up the time spent running. Build up your mileage safely.

  • Make sure you build up to at least three miles per run, preferrably even a bit more.

  • Why? You need to be able to run further, to be able to run the short distance faster.

  • In the last four weeks, include tempo runs and/or fartlek and/or interval running into the program. See my running training section for:

  • Make sure you listen to your body and don't overdo it at any point in time and get injured. If you are untrained, jumping into a running program gives you higher risk of injury.

  • Good luck, hope this helps you pass your test.


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