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Why Running Strides Makes You Faster

Running strides is a relatively easy way to improve your running speed.

Many runners have come to realize that adding a few strides to their easy runs is beneficial.

This article covers:

  • What are strides?

  • Why do you do them at the end of easy runs?

  • Why do strides help improve your running speed?

  • What are strides?

    Strides are short runs of 60 to 100 metres in which you considerably pick up the pace. They are not all-out attempts, but definitely fast.

    Why do you do strides at the end of easy runs?

    There are a few reasons why you do strides at the end of easy runs. One reason is that typically at the end of a race you once more try to give it all you got and pick up the pace. Strides simulate that.

    Another reason is that you want them to be quality strides. You want to be able to concentrate on them, making sure you make your legs go quickly but in the meanwhile maintaining your running style.
    If you'd do them at the end of a tough tempo or interval session you'd be normally too tired to do the strides well.

    Why do strides help improve your running speed?

    When you frequently do strides at the end of your easy runs, you will improve your running form and your coordination. This makes you a faster runner.

    When you start off doing strides there are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Do them on grass or a track instead of concrete to make it easier on the legs.

  • Take a bit of time after each stride (60-90 seconds) to rest and re-focus on the next stride

  • Make sure you have a quick leg turnover (so, fast legs)

  • It is still an easy run with a few strides (e.g. 6-10). Do not turn it into a hard training session.

  • I hope these stride running tips help you become a faster runner.

    It takes a bit of time for the effect of strides to kick in.

    So, as with every aspect of running training, apply it consistently and good things will come.

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