Running Calculators - Training Pace, Race Times, Calorie, BMI and Heart Rate Calculators

Even for all your relevant running calculators is your best choice!

This page features a number of different calculators. You can:

  • calculate your heart rate zones based on different methods.

  • work out the calories burned while running. 

  • determine how fast you will be in your next race.

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  • establish what the right training pace is for you.

  • get your BMI and determine what it means to you.

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    The Calculators On Offer

    zoladz method

    Zoladz Heart Rate Zones

    Learn more about the Zoladz method to establish your heart rate training zones and use the calculator to establish your own training zones according to Zoladz.

    karvonen method

    Karvonen Heart Rate Zones

    The Karvonen method is a bit more complicated than the Zoladz method, but more well-known. Learn more about how Karvonen calculates heart rate monitor training zones and work out your own zones with the calculator.

    marathon calculators

    Three Marathon Calcu-

    Use the marathon calculator page for a collection of calculators having to do with the marathon. Includes different ways to work out your likely marathon time and a marathon pace chart, making use of negative splits.

    race conversion calculator

    Race Conversion Calcu-

    Based on your time in one race, predict your time in another race. When using this calculator you do need to take some care. you'll want to make sure you use a recent race experience and that you have done the right training for your event. Check out the page to learn more.

    running pace calculator

    Running Pace Calcu-

    Based on your time in one race, work out what suitable running training paces are for you. This is a great running calculator. But again, you need to handle with care. So make sure that when you use this calculator you do read the full explanations on the page.

    calories burned calculator

    Calories Burned Calcu-

    Calculates the calories burned during a run, based on your weight and the distance you ran. Then work out how much you'll need to run in case you have been naughty and got yourself a Mars bar, slice of pizza or a Big Mac!

    bmi calculator

    BMI (Body Mass Index) Calcu-

    Calculates the well known Body Mass Index (BMI). Also known as Quetelet-Index. This used to be a very important measure of health. It is still important, but do read the rest of the page to understand the limitations of the calculator.

    infographic running calculators

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