Calculate the Calories Burned While Running with the Calorie Calculator

calories burned calculator
On this page you will find the calories burned calculator. It calculates the calories burned during a run, based on your weight and the distance you ran.

When it comes to burning calories you could not have picked a better exercise than running.

Opposed to popular belief the speed you run has little effect to calories burned during your run.

It's almost all about distance.

So, running one mile fast vs running one mile slow does not make much of a difference in calorie usage. Of course, when you go fast, it will take you less time to cover the distance.

But, go slow, and you might be able to go much further than just one mile. As a result, you'd burn more calories!

Back to the calorie calculator. The formula used in this calculation is:

Calories Burned = Your Weight in Kilograms * Distance You Run in Kilometres * 1.036

Don't worry if you don't know your weight in kg or how much you ran in km, this running calculator does the conversions for you.

Just for fun I have added a few foods to the calculator, so you can check out with help of this calorie burned calculator, whether you have run far enough to justify eating a Big Mac or slice of pizza!

Now, before my inbox gets overloaded with angry messages.... I am not advocating eating those foods, ...

... it may simply help you in your resolve to not eat unhealthy foods if you know the amount of running you would need to do to burn it off again...

calories burned calculator
Have you run far enough to burn
off that pizza slice?

Calories Burned Calculator

Distance of the run is :
Use dots, no commas, if needed. So 26.2 miles, not 26,2...

Your weight is :

Press the button, don't click Enter

Calories burned during your run :

This is how far you have to run to burn off...

1 Mars bar (62.5g) (260 calories):                    km   miles
1 slice of Cheese Pizza (230 calories):               km   miles
1 Big Mac (576 calories):                                 km   miles
1 Screwdriver (Vodka & Orange) (195 calories):   km   miles

Now, this is one of the more popular running calculators on this website. And I know, many of us are battling their weight. So, it's an important one.

The good news is, when you want to lose weight, running is one of the best exercises you can choose.

But, exercise is not the only element to weight loss though, your diet is important too
. It's no good knowing the calories burned while running, when you eat too much.

The most important equation for weight loss is the following:

Calories Consumed - Calories Burned

calories burned calculatorConsume less calories than you burn, then, and only then, will you lose weight.

So, how many calories is 1 pound of fat?

Want to lose 1 pound of fat?

Then you need to burn roughly 3,500 calories more than you take in.

So, losing one pound per week is the equivalent of 3,500 cal / 7 days = 500 calories / day.

That's doable, but is completely dependent on how much you eat and exercise.

So, how many calories should you consume? It depends on age and your activity levels. A useful tool is available on which allows you to set goals and track your calorie-intake.

For a healthy men, 35 years of age, the advised calorie-intake is about 2,500 calories. On average. When you want to lose weight you'll have to make sure you'll consume less than 2,500 calories per day. It may be less or more for you, depending on what type of work you do, your body, etc.

For a healthy woman, 35 years of age, the advised calorie-intake is much less, about 1,700 calories per day. Again, this is an average. So, as a woman, if you'd like to lose weight, you should eat less than 1,700 calories per day.

calories burned calculator
Now, that's hard. And you can't get there through diet alone.

Suppose you do not do exercise at all. Then, to lose 1 pound per week, your calorie intake needs to reduce from 1,700 calories per day to 1,700 - 550 = 1,150 calories per day.

Now, I can tell you, 1,150 is super low. In fact, generally they recommend that you consume at least 1,200 calories per day to keep your metabolism going at a healthy rate.

You would basically be putting your body into starvation mode. That's not healthy.

A much better approach is to be reasonably disciplined with what you eat. Make sure you eat healthily and don't go overboard with the calorie intake. Then aim to create a small calorie deficit through your exercise.

Slow and steady wins the race.

calories burned calculator
Some discipline regarding what and
how much you eat can go a long way!

Calorie restriction is tough. Long-term it is not a viable strategy. Especially as your metabolism will adjust to the reduced food-intake and will "condition" itself to make do with the reduced calories.

That's why regular exercise is such a good thing.

You can still eat well, keep your metabolism working as it should but your exercise makes sure you burn the calories and burn off the fat.

Also check the Runner's Diet page for more information about healthy eating for runners. And for more advice on what type of running to do, how to start running and much more, check out some of the following pages:

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