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The Running Training Section of Best Running Tips aims to be YOUR source online for running training information.

In this section you will find all you need to make your running a success.

Whether it has to do with:

.... base running.... ....tempo runs..... ...intervals...

  ... how to make a training schedule... ....cross-training....  ... etc....

It does not matter.

This section has got the article you need.

Check it all out here:

Running Training - Different Workouts

running workouts
base running drills
tempo running
interval running
veronique billat
yasso 800
goal pace
speed training for runners

Running Programs

beginner running programs
heart rate monitor running programs
10k running program
half marathon running program

Race Specific Information

tips for running the mile
training for 1.5 mile run
2 mile running tips
5k running tips
10k running tips
training for a half marathon
marathon training tips
running races

Other Running Articles

improve running
cross training for runners
running stretches
increasing mileage safely
hill running
cross country running tips
running cadence
running training helpline
running calculators
running books
running tips
strength training for runners
running injury prevention
That's a lot on offer! Check out the descriptions below if you need some more information to work out what some pages are about.

Running Training - Speeds and Workouts

Eight Running Workouts - Why and How You Need to Do These Workouts
This article covers eight different types of workouts. Each type of workout serves a different purpose. All of them together help make you a faster runner.

Base Running Drills - The Foundation of Your Running
"Slow" / easy runs should be the cornerstone of your running. Find out why on this page about easy running.

Running Tips
Tempo Running - Reasons Why We Do It and Top Tempo Workouts Explained
Tempo workouts are slightly faster than easy ones.

It is a great workout to build strong legs and help improve your performance.

Interval Running - The Workout You Love and Hate
Personally, I hate doing intervals. They are tough.

But I love how they help improve my times! I love the occassional time I surprise myself with how strong I feel during an interval workout. Check out the page to learn more about intervals, why it is good for you and get some ideas about good interval sessions.

Fartlek Workouts -- Speed Play for Beginners (and the Advanced!)
Fartleks, also referred to as speed play, are great "go by feel" workouts in which you alternate faster and somewhat slower speed. Good way to introduce yourself to faster workouts.

running training
Special Workout :: Yasso 800
When you are doing marathons, you have, most likely, heard of Yasso 800s. Learn more about them in my Yasso 800 article.

Special Workout :: Billat's 4x5 and Billat's 30-30
Veronique Billat is a French physiologist who constantly works on finding new ways to help you run faster. Learn about two of her special workouts in this article.

Running at Goal Pace
Goal pace workouts are very important when you get closer to race day. Learn about different goal pace workouts you can do for different distances.

Boost Your Performance with Speed Training Workouts
Speed training is undervalued by many long-distance runners. Find out ways to boost your power and running economy with these speed training workouts.

Running Programs

Running Tips Beginners Running Programs
Three beginner run/walk programs to choose from.

Choose to go from 0 to 15, 20 or even 30 minutes of running with a well set-up easy-to-follow run/walk program.

Heart Rate Monitor Running Programs
Introduction to a 10k and half marathon program, both based on heart rate zone workouts (but you can easily do these programs without a heart rate monitor as well!)

The programs are:

10K Program -- A 12 Week Running Program to Your First 10K
Prerequisite for this program is being able to run about 30 minutes non-stop. Not quite there yet? Then you can aim to get there by doing one of the run/walk beginner programs on this site (link above).

Half Marathon Running Program -- A 12 Week Program to Your First Half Marathon
Prerequisite for this program is being able to run a 10k. Good first half marathon program.

running quote

Race Information

running training
Five Tips for Running the Mile
A distance popular with high schoolers and college students. A gruelling distance, as you are going at full pelt for what feels like forever! So, one you need to know how to prepare for!

Training for the 1.5 Mile Run
Not a traditional distance for runners, but the army and police love it. I got so many questions about the 1.5 mile run that I decided to devote a section on this website about it.

Mastering the 3200m: Essential 2 Mile Running Tips and Strategies
Discover expert 2 mile running tips. Improve your endurance, speed, and technique with the comprehensive 3200m guide, designed to help you achieve your personal best in this challenging distance.

5k Running Tips - 4 Essential Tips for Running Your Best 5k
This is the right page for you if you have done a few 5k races and now want to lift your performance.

running training
10k Running Tips - 5 Must-Read Tips for Running Your Best 10k
The 10k is a great racing distance. This article should provide you with some helpful advice about your training and your mental race preparation.

Training for a Half Marathon - 8 Running Tips That Will Help You Set Up the Best Half Marathon Schedule
With the 10k, the half marathon is my other favourite distance for racing. This page should give you a good feel about how to put together your training schedule. Includes taper, when to run slow and when to run fast, etc.

Nine Marathon Training Tips - The Marathon Guide That Will Help You Succeed
The marathon training tips page leads into a number of pages about marathoning. The marathon is an incredible challenge so what I wanted to say about it really did not fit on one page! The marathon section includes advice on your training schedule, your nutrition, taper, pacing, etc.

Top Ten Tips for Running Races - Achieve Your Best in Your Next Race
This page provides you with some general tips when you want to run races. Talks about stuff like mental attitude, race preparation, setting goals and race etiquette.

infographic running training

best running tips newsletter

Other Running Articles

Get faster! Improve your Running Cadence
Do you know what your stride rate is? Don't? Then it is probably about 164 strides per minute, give or take a few. Learn more about running cadence and if it is important enough to worry about it.

running training
Key to Success : Goal Pace Running
When you are serious about a race, you'll have a goal time in mind. And you will have also done some workouts to test if that goal time is realistic. This article suggests a few workouts you could do to test your racing goals.

Go for Peak Performance by applying the concepts of Periodization
Periodization is the concept of breaking up your training in blocks. Every block fills a specific purpose and contains specific workouts. All with the idea of getting you ready for your race at exactly the right time.

Four Running Tips to Improve Running Performance
You have been doing this thing for a while. Your times have been getting better as you have been getting fitter. Now, progress has stalled. Work out what you can do to keep on improving with the contents of this article.

My views on Cross-Training for Runners
Cross-training, should you do it or not? In this article I'll share my views on cross-training for runners.

The most important Running Stretches
When should you do your stretches? What stretches should you do? Check out the article for more info about warming-up and cooling-down appropriately.

running training
All you want to know about Increasing Mileage Safely
So, how should you go about increasing your mileage? I have put together a selection of tips for you which should help you work this out quickly.

Hill Running Tips and Workouts
Did I mention before I hated interval running? Yes, I did. Well, hills are probably my second least favourite. However, they do help make you strong as anything. Learn how to deal with hills in this article.

Three Important Cross-Country Running Tips
Are you into cross-country? Then check out this page with cross-country running tips and info.

Strength Training for Runners
Strength training is a must for all runners. It helps make you stronger, prevents injuries and makes you faster. Still, not many of us make it into the weight room consistently. Check out this page for strength training benefits, tips on how to start and info on the strength training routine I use.

Running Injury Prevention
From sprained ankles to shin splints, from Achilles tendinopathy to ITB syndrome, running injuries can seem like an inevitable part of the runner's journey, right? You're wrong! The topic of this page, running injury prevention, will shine a much-needed glimmer of hope if you are worried about being stopped in your tracks, literally.

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Running Training FAQ

Find below some of the most popular running training questions I have been asked again and again!

What Other Visitors Have Asked

Click below to see questions from other visitors to this page...

Weight Training and Running - Good or Bad Idea? 
I have recently started running. I want to get fitter and, mostly, I want to lose weight. Is it helpful for runners to do weight training? Or will …

Improve Running When Over 50 Years Old 
Hello, My name is Roger age 56, I have been running for over 25 years and before this I played local footbal Saturday and Sundays in the …

How Can I Improve My 5 Mile Time? 
I am a 25-year-old female running a 7 minute mile for 5 miles. My time is between 33 to 35 minutes. My question is how can I run a 6 minute mile for 5 …

How to Train for a 15k Run 
I run 30 minutes 5 times a week that includes a 2min brisk walk warm up and a 2min brisk walk cool down. I also do weight training 3-4 times a week. …

Pyramid Training - What's the Deal? 
Could you please explain pyramid training for different zones? I have seen it in running programs before and I actually didn't understand the method …

Long Work Hours - Combining This With Running 
I work close to 65 hours a week. At one job, I used to run and have completed 3 half marathons. I've picked up weight and I need a training …

Running Pace and Different Distances  
My 16-year-old daughter is starting to run cross country at her school. She is new to running and I would like to find every opportunity to encourage …

Running in the Morning and Bike in the Afternoon 
I am currently trying to work-up to running a 5k but also lose weight. I run 3 times a week and bike 3 times a week. I want to increase that …

1/4 Mile Run 
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How Often Should I Jog? 
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Stretches and Strength Training for Running 
I have finally found my running regime, and so far so good. Thanks for all your help, so far. I'm running Mon Wed Fri six miles and Tue and …

Best Running Shoes to Use with Orthotics 
I used to run regularly several years problem with shoes...had them fit by specialty running store. However, after a work-related …

Why is my Running Training not Working? 
I am 16 years old and do the following training each week: 45 min run x2 30 min run 50 min intervals 1hr run bike ride However my sister …

Hadd's Approach to Distance Training 
My question pertains to the application of Hadd's Approach to Distance Training for a marathon runner to runners in the 800/1600/3200 distances. After …

What is Better? Running Longer Distance or Running More Often? 
I run for 30 minutes every other day with a 15 minute warm-up and a 15 minute cool-down. On the days in between I walk for 60 minutes. I …

How Many Kilometers Can I Run With My Running Shoes? 
Hello, there is one question I'd like to know. I run three to four times a week and my actual shoes are Nike Vomero which I really like. Is …

What is the Right Running Technique? 
I have started using your Beginner Running Program 3 and I have a question about my running technique. I've never run before. I read on …

Gas Mask Running to Simulate High Altitude 
I have recently been training for my first triathlon and I have began to use a gas mask when I run and bike. Are there any health risks to …

Running Fast Racing Slow 
Dominique, I have got a problem. For my last few 10k-races I was able to run my goal time in my training plenty of times. However, come …

Running Faster Makes Me Go Slower! 
I have been running 4 - 5 miles four times a week for about three years. I've been trying to improve my time for this distance, before a marathon …

Running Twice A Day 
Is it okay to run twice in one day... say, one 2 mile run in the morning and a 4 mile run in the evening? Is this okay for training for …

Can Only Run Three Consecutive Days 
I am a truck driver who works every Monday morning to Thursday evening on the road. I am either driving or sleeping on the road and my truck …

What Should Be Your Head Position While Running? 
What should be your head position while running? Should you be looking down at the ground, straight ahead, or slightly up? Answer …

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