Running 1.5 mile in Under 10.30

by Tony

running 1.5 mile in under 10:30
I need to get my 1.5 Mile time under 10.30 mins.
Been running for the past 2 weeks, but can't seem to get my time under 10.30. Times I got have varied loads from 12 mins to 10.55.

Been running for 30 mins 5 days a week but just don't seem to get any faster!

Is there some secret that no one is telling me....?

When I run I seem to take small strides. I seem to always run on my toes.

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your running training question. The 1.5 mile, hey. Let me guess, a police physical test or army physical test?

Somehow you guys all seem to end up on my site!

My advice is broken down as follows:

1. Building your base
2. Adding variety into your running
3. Putting it all together

Building Your Base

running 1.5 mile in under 10:30
It's great that you have been running 30 minutes five times a week. A fantastic base to build from. The 1.5 mile is a challenging distance as it requires a solid combination of endurance and speed.

What you have been doing with the 30 minute runs is that you have started laying that endurance foundation.

I'd like you to build on it. Increase the length of some of your runs. First to 35 minutes, then to 40, then to 45, etc.

This will make you stronger and will help you keep your speed for longer. Do those runs at an easy pace. When you want to run for longer and longer you need to slow down.

So, I guess, the first secret they did not let you in on is running further makes you faster. I have helped a lot of runners achieve their 1.5 mile goals through this first "secret" alone.

In addition to that, the other secret that nobody is telling you about is that every type of running comes with its own benefits. Let's cover that next.

Adding Variety into Your Running

running 1.5 mile in under 10:30
What you need in your running program is at least a combination of:

1. Easy running
2. Tempo running
3. Interval running

Easy Running
As just referenced before, you need to do easy running. When you run slower and longer, you help build up your stamina and your leg strength, your running muscles and bones. That's the running you have been doing so far.

Also see this page about building your base.

Tempo Running
When you run a bit faster, something they call tempo running, you help increase your lactic acid threshold, the speed at which you can run without your legs getting heavy.

It helps you go faster for longer. Also check out the tempo running page.

Interval Running
When you run a bit faster yet again, then you are interval running. This speed will help you pump more oxygen to your muscles, which they need to function at higher speed.

The interval running page will provide you with more detail.

Putting it All Together

running 1.5 mile in under 10:30
There are more types of running, such as strides and goal pace running that would be beneficial for you.

The key of a successful running program is to combine all the elements in one program in a smart way.

I would advice you to make a few adjustments to your running schedule. Run further. Add in more variation. Then, apply this consistently and you will hopefully get some improvements.

I do provide ready-made 1.5 mile running programs. You can find them on the 1.5 Mile Run Training Plan page.

Give it time, be consistent with your running and try to do your 1.5 mile test once every month and let's see how much you improve over the next 2-4 months!

I haven't addressed how you run; hard to judge from afar. You say you are running more on your toes. There is nothing wrong with not landing on the heels of your feet and having more of a midfoot landing, which I suspect is how you really run. In fact, it is generally seen to be the better way to run.

When you are currently running without injuries, whichever way your feet land, I would not spend a lot of time worrying about it. It is incredibly hard to change running technique, it takes months and may even be counterproductive. There is something to be said for just running like you do naturally.

Best of luck. Hope this advice has helped.
Kind regards,

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