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Find something useful or entertaining on my website? Did I help you achieve one of your running goals? Then you can join Dom's drinking buddies.

It's simple. If you are happy with my help and you are grateful for the information I provide... consider buying me a beer.

No obligation whatsoever. But seems fair to me. How 'bout you?

I am providing a broad variety of options below. You can provide me with a ginger beer, cider, my favourite pub meal, you can get my wife a cocktail or you can buy a round for the house.

Plenty of options.

Buy a round for the house and you will be inaugurated into Best Running Tips' Hall of Fame....

And by the way, make sure to tell me what table you are sitting at. It's crowded in here, and I like to know who I am drinking with!

The Menu: (All Pricing Optional)

Hill's Cider

Matsos Ginger Beer

Two Bays IPA


Ginger and Mango Spritz

Espresso Martini

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Chicken Parma

Local Legend's Cheese Board

Round for the House


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The Best Running Tips
Hall of Fame

Honorary Members

Ed Q, New York

Aspirant Members

Nick B, London
Ashley M, Philadelphia
Liz M, Ballarat, Australia
Ella D, Melbourne, Australia