2400m Time - Want to Improve My Running

by Melissa
(Darwin, Australia)

Hi there I need some basic training ideas for intervals that I can do that will help me improve my 2.4k time.

Currently I run inconsistently anywhere between 11.30-13 minutes. As part of my job I get tested on this twice a year and need to run under the 13 min mark for a pass.

2400m time want to improve my running

Personally I'd like to be able to run it quicker. I.e. under 11 mins consistently and be able to hold good leg speed in the final few laps.

I run at least 3-4 times a week breaking it up into a long run of 40 minutes plus a 2400m time trial, and short interval training like 6 x 400m or so on the treadmill.

I weight train 3 times a week also working on total body exercises and stretch and do pilates often. Have no injuries and am trying to get a little lighter at the same time.

Some training ideas to improve my ability would be great thanks!

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for your question about how to improve your 2400m running time.

And thanks for providing all the additional information.

2400m time want to improve my running
It comes in very useful to just provide a little bit more targeted advice.

I really like the variety in your training. The combination of running with weight training and pilates is excellent.

Given your job (I am guessing you are in the army given the testing requirements as you are in Darwin), I would think that overall body fitness is important and you are covering all bases.

What I'd really like to see you do is bring more variety into your running training. The key ideas are:

1.Make the long run longer
2. Mix up your interval sessions
3. Replace the time trials with another type of run

Make the Long Run Longer

Endurance is key, so make sure to continue doing that longer run in your training. Start by gradually increasing the duration, perhaps adding 5 minutes each time. Aim for a non-stop 60-minute run to really boost your endurance. And going longer will be even better!

Check out more info about the importance of easy running in this page about building a base.

Mix Up Your Interval Sessions

Keep those interval sessions in your training routine, but add some variety. Try incorporating 200m, 600m, 800m, and 1k repeats into your workouts.

Additionally, consider extending the duration of your interval sessions.

2400m time want to improve my running
A good rule of thumb is to aim for around 5k of intervals in each session. For example, you could try 12 x 400m or 6 x 800m. Gradually increase the number of intervals over time, such as starting with 8 x 400m and then progressing to 10 x 400m.

Check out this page for more info about intervals.

Replace the Time Trials with Another Type of Run

A weekly time trial is not the best use of your running time. It can be demotivating to measure your progress like that every week. Not every week you will make improvements and it just starts playing mind tricks on you. Second guessing your training etc.

Instead of doing time trials, opt for tempo runs or another long run/easy run. Tempo runs are performed at a steady pace, specifically at your lactic acid threshold.

This threshold is the pace at which your body can handle the amount of lactic acid produced in your muscles. If you go faster than this pace, your body won't be able to clear the lactic acid efficiently, leading to heavy legs. Running at your threshold pace helps improve this threshold over time, leading to better performance.

To learn more about tempo running, check out the tempo running page.

I hope these tips help you out! Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. Happy training!

Also note, I offer an e-mail series 7 Days to Pass Your 1.5 Mile Test eCourse. It's worth your time, if you want to get a lot more information on how to prepare for the 1.5 mile test. It is free, see below for further information.

All the best.

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