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Do You Have a 1.5 Mile Run Test Coming Up and You Are Not Ready?

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Are You Trying to Read Up on How to Prepare for the 1.5 Mile Run Test and Getting Frustrated?

And You Feel Like You are Running Out of Time to Prepare?

Then please read on....

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That's me, coming around the corner.... :)

If you haven't come across my name on this website yet, I am Dominique (Dom for short)!

I love running and I love studying the art and the science of running.

Through this website.....

..... I have helped thousands and thousands of runners.....
..... I have answered hundreds of questions on this site....
..... And I have coached plenty of runners over the years, helping them achieve their goals...

This website is testament to my love for the sport.

I have seen and tried many different running workouts and programs.

I know what works and what does not.

That is the benefit of working with an accredited running coach.

That is the benefit of decades of running experience.

Decades of reading every running training book that exists.

Decades of following the experts in the sport.

Thousands and thousands of hours of running... of reading about running.... of writing about running....

Many runners don't know how to set up a successful running program.

They make do with a standard running program they picked up after a Google search or they just go out and run a standard loop a few times a week.

Often too fast.

Or too slow.

Never achieving their best performance. That's fine for many.


Does One of the Following Sound Like You?

You have a 1.5 mile run test coming up that you need to pass.

If you don't pass, your career, your dreams and your family might be in jeopardy.

You haven't run that much before. You don't know what to do, you are way off your goal and time is running out.


I did it!!!

Even had time to spare at the end. Completed the 1.5 miles well in time and felt comfortable throughout. Thanks so much for your support over the last two months. It's been a journey. Could not have done it without you!!!

Eternal gratitude man."

James, Ohio


Even with the worst weather conditions to date I was able to record my best time of the training period!"

Ed, New Hyde Park

Why Choose "Run Your Fastest 1.5 Mile"?

Every type of running workout explained. Stop guessing why you are doing certain workouts.

Strength training ideas to support your running.

Tailored 1.5 mile run training plans for all abilities.

Plans for you if you are not yet able to cover the distance.

Plans if you can cover the distance, but are not fast enough yet.

And plans if you are already pretty fast, but want to get better at the 1.5 mile run test

Plans of 4, 8 and 12 weeks in length.

No matter where you currently stand in your running journey, this book has the perfect program for you. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner, each training program is tailored to suit your specific level, making it easier to stay committed and motivated throughout the process!

Say goodbye to aimlessly running without direction. My book provides you with carefully structured workouts and training plans that will gradually build your stamina, endurance, and speed, ensuring you peak at just the right time for the big test day!

What Are You Waiting For?

run your fastest 1.5 mile

4, 8 and 12 week programs

Catering for all abilities

Every workout explained

E-mail support in case anything is unclear

All programs designed by an accredited running coach

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Risk-Free Guarantee

This offer comes with a 30-day no-risk guarantee. If at any time during the first 30 days you feel unhappy about your 1.5 mile run training plan, if you don't think you are getting the results you need, contact me and I will help make the adjustments needed. No questions asked. That's right. Try this out risk-free. I am committed to delivering you the results you need.

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After your order, you will receive a download link for the book. Yes, that's right, you could start using "Run Your Fastest 1.5 Mile" in the next five minutes. No more worries, no more wondering whether you are training the right way. Get this book and start using the best approach to 1.5 mile run training.

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