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Best Running Tips Blog

The Best Running Tips Site Blog is my mini-blog about this site and about running. It...

Running Tips Blog lets you know whenever any new or changed web pages appear on Best- It lets you know about great deals I find on the net for you and points out some of my special pages that you might otherwise miss.

It even lets you know when I send out the Best-Running-Tips Newsletter. Very good in case you'd like this special e-zine, but don't like to give your e-mail address, or if your ISP tends to over-filter causing you to lose mail.

To subscribe to my blog (no e-mail necessary), right-click on the orange RSS button (see buttons on the left hand side below the nav bar) and then paste the URL into your RSS reader.
Or click on the My Yahoo! button or My MSN button if you prefer to read my blog updates there.

If you are not sure what RSS and blogging is all about, click on the "What's an RSS Feed?" link (also left margin). Once you start, you will be amazed at what RSS can do.

Enjoy... this is fun!

Running Top Running Shorts


Best Running Tips :: On Training, Apparel and Gear

Best Running Tips is the website that provides all the tips to enhance your running. Training for beginners and the more advanced, running shoes, apparel, gear, it's all there!

Continue reading "Best Running Tips :: On Training, Apparel and Gear"

Running Vocabulary

Hi, Thank you for all the running tips, they are great. I am a beginner runner and sometimes I don't understand running terminology, can you suggest

Continue reading "Running Vocabulary"

Woman Within FullSport

As a plus sized person, I wanted something to wear on run/walks besides a baggy t-shirt and baggier shorts..running shorts are for SMALL women runners..I

Continue reading "Woman Within FullSport "

New Balance - Off trail runners [2011 release]

I recently purchased a pair of the new New Balance off trail runners. I tend run in fields along a creek during the snow-less season. I found these runners

Continue reading "New Balance - Off trail runners [2011 release]"

Best Running Tips :: Cross-Training for Runners - A Healthy Perspective

Cross-training is often discussed in the running community. Is it good for you or not? offers you a healthy perspective.

Continue reading "Best Running Tips :: Cross-Training for Runners - A Healthy Perspective"

"Achieve" - Lose Weight on Your Own Terms

AchieveOK, now, I have got some exciting news for you.

I have just completed my weight loss ebook. It's called "Achieve".

One of the big problems I have seen with people who are trying to lose weight is that they get "stuffed around" by the weight loss industry.

Do this diet. Take this pill. Swallow this powder. Etc.

But what you really need to start taking control of your weight loss is a well thought out plan. A plan you help create yourself. A plan you commit to.

That's what Achieve helps you to.. ahem... achieve... :)

This book has just become available on the market.

So, as an introduction offer, the price for the book is now $10,- for the next three days only.

That's ten bucks that can change your life forever.

To get the discount, simply use discount code "BLOG" in the checkout.

Oh, and did I tell you "Achieve" comes with a 365 day "No weight loss - money back" guarantee? Yes, it does. So, you really don't have anything to lose here. Well, except for your weight, that is... :)

Here's to your weight loss success!

Continue reading ""Achieve" - Lose Weight on Your Own Terms"

Three Plyometric Exercises You Can Do to Get Faster

Do you do some plyometrics as part of your cross-training routine?

In this video I share with you some exercises you can do that help get you that spring in your step, so every step you take is more powerful.

This video goes pretty quickly. I will soon provide an edited, somewhat longer, version, that tells a bit more about proper technique when doing these exercises.

Continue reading "Three Plyometric Exercises You Can Do to Get Faster"

Tell Me Your Story

Have you accomplished something remarkable with your running?

A first marathon, incredible weight loss, you have discovered how great running is, an amazing personal record, maybe even a very embarrassing "runs during a run" story etc.

Anything you think is worth a story!

Get into contact with me. I will feature your story on my website with a photo of you, a short interview and of course, your achievement.

Click the link below and fill in the contact form. I will be in contact with you soon enough.

Continue reading "Tell Me Your Story"

Low on Energy - Bee Pollen Could Bee The Answer

I quite often get a mid-afternoon slump, especially if I have been out for a morning or lunchtime run.

My remedy? Well first of all, of course, I try to make sure I sleep well and eat well. But sometimes that isn't quite enough.

Sometimes I need that little bit extra. For example, when I am training for a marathon.

When I am stepping up my training to higher mileage or more intensity.

I have found that for those times bee pollen can help give me the kick I need.

When you have periods in life in which you have low energy and you need a little bit of an extra boost, bee pollen could bee all you need. Bee smart and give it a try... :)

Run Your Best 10k - Three Day Special

Run Your Best 10k CoverWith Run Your Best 10k you don't have to worry anymore about using sub-standard programs you find on the internet.

This book delivers.

Order in the next three days with use of discount code BLOG19JUL and you'll get 41% off.

And... in the next week or two I will add a few new "Break Through the Barrier" programs to the book.

Order now and you will get those updates as well!

Continue reading "Run Your Best 10k - Three Day Special"

Tempo Running Workout Infographic

Once you can comfortably do 30 - 60 minute easy runs, faster workouts become more important, especially tempo running.

Tempo running should be one of the staples of your running program.

I put together a video on tempo running which you can see here:

Alternatively, follow the link below for an infographic on tempo running.

Continue reading "Tempo Running Workout Infographic"

History of the Marathon - Incredible Moments

The marathon has got an incredibly rich history. Check out this page to learn why the marathon has got its current length, who Spiridon Louis is and what happened to Emil Zatopek in his first marathon.

But I like this page the most for the women who feature in it.

Check out the videos I included about Katrine Switzer and Kerryn McCann, two incredible women who wrote marathon history.

Continue reading "History of the Marathon - Incredible Moments"

The Fartlek Workout - Fartlek Running Training Explained in One Easy Picture

Hey, who fartlekked?

Want to know what a fartlek workout is?

Check out the infographic that will tell you what you need to know in one easy picture.

Continue reading "The Fartlek Workout - Fartlek Running Training Explained in One Easy Picture"

Top Ten Tips for Running Races - Achieve Your Best in Your Next Race

Into physical fitness and challenging your body and soul?

Then running races is an amazing way to satisfy your competitive spirit.

It isn't just running the race that is important, but the training and preparation that is involved can be even more exhilarating than the actual race.

Check out the link for my top ten tips...

Continue reading "Top Ten Tips for Running Races - Achieve Your Best in Your Next Race"

Want to Lose Weight?

Losing weight is not easy. You need some useful tips, a nudge in the right direction, a helping hand.

With the 101 Belly Fat Tips ebook + Lose 10 Pounds mini-series you are well on your way to weight loss success.

Get direct access via this link

New Running Training Video on Youtube

Every type of running training serves a different purpose. By doing different types of workouts you become a better runner.

Check out the video that explains this in more detail:

Running Training - Why Do We Do Different Types of Running Workouts

Marathon Training Secrets Now Also on Kindle!

Marathon Training Secrets
I have just placed Marathon Training Secrets on the Amazon Marketplace.

Want to get it for free? Then just go to this page.

Unfortunately I can't make it available for free via Amazon (long and complex story). But if you are a Kindle user you can at least get it via Amazon for almost nothing in Kindle-optimised format!

Get it on Amazon today.

Special Running Workouts :: Billat's Four by Five and the Thirty-Thirty

Veronique Billat trains elite runners. She has found a few great workouts to improve your running and increase your running speed.

Continue reading "Special Running Workouts :: Billat's Four by Five and the Thirty-Thirty"

Base Running Drills - The Foundation of Your Running

The core of your running program should be base running drills. Read this page to discover why base running is so important.

Continue reading "Base Running Drills - The Foundation of Your Running"

Best Running Tips :: 10k Running Program for Beginners - A 12 Week Training Program for Your First 10k

Check out the perfect 12-week 10k running program for beginners. This training program is guaranteed to get you ready for your first 10 k race!

Continue reading "Best Running Tips :: 10k Running Program for Beginners - A 12 Week Training Program for Your First 10k"

The Ultimate Running Training Collection

The running training section of Best Running Tips aims to be YOUR source online for running training information. Find information about running workouts, running schedules and more.

Continue reading "The Ultimate Running Training Collection"

Walking vs Running - What is Better for You? Advantages and Disadvantages Explored!

Walking vs running, which one is better? What is more beneficial? On this page we explore the advantages and disadvantages of both and find a happy medium!

Continue reading "Walking vs Running - What is Better for You? Advantages and Disadvantages Explored!"

Running and Weight Loss - What You Need to Know and Do to Start Shedding Some Pounds!

Running and weight loss go hand in hand. When thinking about running for weight loss make sure you check out this page.

Continue reading "Running and Weight Loss - What You Need to Know and Do to Start Shedding Some Pounds!"

Running for Fitness - How Should You Run? How Much Should You Run?

Thinking about running for fitness? Well, you are a genius, it is one of the best ideas you could have! So get of that couch and start running for fitness...

Continue reading "Running for Fitness - How Should You Run? How Much Should You Run?"

Running for Weight Loss - The Things You Can Do to Battle the Bulge

Running for weight loss? Well, running is the best thing you can do to battle the bulge! Find out how to most effectively run for weight loss in this article !

Continue reading "Running for Weight Loss - The Things You Can Do to Battle the Bulge"

How to Start Running - Six Running Tips for Beginners That Will Help You Get Started With Running

You want to start running. But you do not know how to start running. Read this simple guide with answers to a number of basic questions...

Continue reading "How to Start Running - Six Running Tips for Beginners That Will Help You Get Started With Running"

10k Time Getting Slower

After 6 months training for a 10k I posted a faster time than I now do 12 months after. My training program is consistently 2 x 5k and 1 x 10k per week

Continue reading "10k Time Getting Slower"

Training for my Second 10K

2 years ago I ran my first race - a 10k which took me 1h13m. Then I stopped running for about a year, and have recently decided to get back into it and

Continue reading "Training for my Second 10K"

Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #041 -- Happy Trails

The Best Running Tips Newsletter provides you with the latest running tips. This issue talks about a trail run I recently did and some other things!

Continue reading "Best Running Tips Newsletter, Issue #041 -- Happy Trails"

Tempo Running - Reasons Why We Do It and Top Tempo Workouts Explained

All questions about tempo running are answered here. What is tempo running? Why do we do it? How do we do it best? Check this worthful page out to improve your performance !

Continue reading "Tempo Running - Reasons Why We Do It and Top Tempo Workouts Explained"

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