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Running for Weight Loss - The Things You Can Do to Battle the Bulge

Are you running for weight loss?
Well, you picked the perfect activity to engage in!

Frequently running?

Then you should have little difficulties with losing a few pounds!

Not yet reaping the benefits of jogging or not yet successful in losing weight?

Then this page will give you a few running tips on how to most effectively battle the bulge.

For a quick overview of this page, simply watch the video:

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Running for Weight Loss Tip #1 : Combine with a Diet

running for weight loss

Your first running tip does not have anything to do with exercise. It's about what you eat and drink.

Having trouble with losing weight despite exercise? Well, you are not the only one. Especially for you, I have set-up a Lose 10 Pounds mini-series.

It provides good advice in a short guide regarding good foods and bad foods. It definitely exposes a number of myths.

Forget about the hypey title for a second. I am convinced that if you follow the rules laid out in this series you are doing everything you need to do to shed the pounds, lose as much weight as you need to and start living the life you want!

Right diet advice like the Lose 10 Pounds mini-series is so important. Because while running for weight loss, you need to consider that losing weight will only occur if you burn more calories than you consume.

So, that means stop taking in fast food, lower your alcohol intake to a maximum of one glass per day, eat your fruits and vegetables and avoid the four c's :

candy, cakes, cookies and other crap !

A good way to keep track of what you are eating is using a journal to record all you eat. Do this for a few weeks and check your calorie usage (Do a Google search for calorie counter and you should be able to find one, is a good one).

Doing this for a prolonged time will give you a lot of insight in what you consume and how many calories certain foods contain.

When you wish to lower your calorie intake, you can have a good look at your journal and cut out those foods which are high in calories.

After the first few weeks, you will find that you pretty much know how many calories each type of food contains. But don't stop keeping your journal then!

running for weight loss

Keep on recording what you eat, so you know what you do every day and don't trick yourself in believing that you are sticking to the rules when you are not !

Subscribe to the e-mail course below. You'll get, as a bonus, the 101 Belly Fat Tips eBook which contains nutritional info, tips and advice to kick-start your new healthier lifestyle.

In the ecourse you will get plenty of diet and weight loss advice about the types of exercise to do, what foods to eat and not to eat and little gems like "quick snacks that help you fight fat", "how to stick to a diet" and "the four biggest diet myths".

Recommended for anyone wanting to lose weight.

Fat Loss Jumpstart

Running for Weight Loss Tip #2 : It's (Almost) All About the Distance You Cover

running for weight lossThere is a tool on this website which helps you calculate the calories burned while running.

This calories burned while running calculator gives a good approximation of how many calories you burn, using only two ingredients:

  • your weight

  • the distance you ran

  • Nothing more.

    Intense running (as I will tell you below) is very effective in burning fat and burning calories.

    You work harder, you cover a much longer distance in the same time than when you run slow.

    But you can only do intense, higher speed exercise for shorter amounts of time and the risk of injuries is much higher.

    So, cover distance, and don't be afraid to run slow!

    running for weight loss infographic

    Running for Weight Loss Tip #3 : Run regularly

    When you want to lose weight, you are not going to get it off with only one session per week. Run regularly. At least three times per week. Some kind of daily exercise is ideal.

    But if not possible on a daily basis, at least run a number of times per week.
    Every time you run, you burn calories and you give a boost to your metabolism.

    This does not immediately stop when you stop running.

    Recent studies show that a 40 minute period of exercise will keep you burning calories at a higher rate for no less than nineteen hours after you have stopped running !

    Only imagine if you did that three times a week or more!

    Running for Weight Loss Tip #4 : Fat Burning Zone Myth

    Running at a low speed is associated with burning fat.

    Even a website of a major heart rate monitor brand talks about running in the fat burning zone.

    For once and for all, let's get the facts straight :

  • When running at low speed you burn relatively more fat than at higher speed (e.g. 70% of calories burned are fat instead of 40%).

  • When running at high speed you burn more calories.

  • Hmmm, so does that mean that you do not automatically burn more fat if you run slow ...?


    Several studies (from University of Texas and Laval University in Quebec for example) have in fact shown that intense exercise will generally help you burn more fat.

    The optimal speed would be somewhere between tempo speed and interval pace.

    running for weight lossSo, when running for weight loss you will want to include some more intense exercise as well into your fitness regime.

    However, keep it reasonable.

    One interval session per week is plenty.

    That way you minimize your risks of getting injured.

    And my general advice is to stay away from more intense running until you can, somewhat comfortably, cover 30 minutes of running non-stop.

    You will want to make sure you are a little fitter when you start adding intense running sessions to your regime.

    Why? Well, first of all, faster running is often a cause of injury. I'd like you to first get your body ready for running, then you can work on adding speed.

    Second, when you are not able yet to comfortably run thirty minutes non-stop at a slower pace, how much ground do you think you'll cover when you go fast? Not a lot, I can tell you that!

    Third, fast running sucks. It hurts. There is no need to put you through the pain, when you can achieve good results with going slower already!

    OK, let's summarize what we have learnt by putting together some sample schedules for somebody who is running for weight loss:

    The sample program for the beginning runner. We'll assume you run three times a week, you do some kind of cross-training and you are combining your exercise routine with a healthy diet:

    Day 1 4x2 minutes intense run with 2-3 minutes recovery in between
    Day 2 Cross Train or Rest
    Day 3  Run 30 mins or do a run/walk
    Day 4  Cross Train or Rest
    Day 5  Cross Train or Rest
    Day 6  Run 30 mins or do a run/walk
    Day 7  Cross-train or Rest

    The sample running program for the advanced runner who runs almost every day:

    Day 1  4-6 x5 minutes intense run with 2-3 minutes recovery in between
    Day 2  30 minutes easy
    Day 3  Long run / Steady state for 45 to 90 minutes or more
    Day 4  30 minutes easy
    Day 5  30 minutes easy
    Day 6  2x20 minutes tempo run (or alternative tempo workout)
    Day 7  Rest Day / Cross-train

    running for weight loss

    The sample running program for the advanced runner who combines running with cross-training (this looks a lot like the type of schedule I use!):

    Day 1  4-6 x5 minutes intense run with 2-3 minutes recovery in between
    Day 2  Cross Train or Rest
    Day 3  Long run / Steady state for 45 to 90 minutes or more
    Day 4  Cross Train or Rest
    Day 5  Cross Train or Rest
    Day 6  2x20 minutes tempo run (or other tempo workout)
    Day 7  Cross-train or Rest

    Of course, adjust this sample schedule to your own needs, but I hope you get the basic ideas:

  • Regular exercise

  • Some intense running AND

  • Longer slow runs as well

  • Combine the above three with a healthy diet and you are doing everything you need to do to get the pounds flying off !

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    Running for Weight Loss

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