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Running Tips - A Great Selection of the Best Running Tips


The running tips section of the Best Running Tips website contains a wide range of articles. These articles cover off on the most important aspects of running. A must-read!

So get your favorite cup of hot brew out, browse through and enjoy!

To make things easier for you I have split this page into different sections based on the general target group. There is a series of beginner running tips articles, some more to do with technique and injury and some more focused on runners who want to take their running to the next level.

Hope this helps!

I am starting off though with a series of infographics. I hope you like them. They aim to capture the essence of concepts in one simple picture.

Running Infographics

interval running training tempo running workout
easy running
fartlek workout

Beginner Running Tips Articles

running tips for weight loss running tips for beginners running tips for women
running tips breathing

Running Injury and Technique

running tips and techniques running tips chafing

Taking it to The Next Level

distance running tips 5k running tips 10k running tips
running tips to get faster five basic running tips

Need more info before making a decision of which page to go next? Well, then simply check out the short descriptions of the pages below.

Beginner Running Tips Articles

Running Tips for Weight Loss

As most of us know, your weight is driven by two factors: exercise and diet.

This page covers off on some running advice, but is actually much more focused on the dietary issues as well.

For more information check out the link above.

running quote

Running Tips for Beginners

running tips
When you are a beginning runner it is hard to work out what you should do?

Should you do more running or less?

What should you wear?

How can you build endurance?

Etc, etc.

This page covers off on the main topics that beginners like you might worry about. It also provides you with a few links to other topics of interest on the website.

Click the link above for more info.

Five Essential Running Tips for Women

Running is great for men and women. There is not much advice that should be specifically offered to women only. However, I thought it was good to include a page specifically aimed at women. 

For more information check out the link, it is a nice beginners running article geared towards female runners.

infographic running tips

Running Tips - Breathing Tips and Techniques While Running

For most of us, breathing while running comes quite naturally. We don't think about it, we just do it. However, when you have difficulties with breathing while running, you might find this page useful... Click for more info!

running tips

Running Injury and Technique

running tips
Running Tips and Techniques

The first article under the running injury and technique section is all about running technique.

Injury prevention is so important and how you run is a big factor in that.

Check out the running tips and techniques page via the link above for much more info about technique.

Running Tips - Chafing of Legs and Nipples - Prevention

I had a bit of difficulty classifying this article. I mean, chafing is not really a big injury. But it is an injury nonetheless and fits better under the heading of "injuries" than other topics like "beginners" or "advanced".

Anyways, you are most likely not so interested in what I am putting in which category, but more in what's in the article.

Well, read the title above. Click the link if you need more info. Simple.

Taking it to The Next Level

Distance Running Tips

Long distance running is what this site is all about.

I just wanted to take a step back and cover off on a number of things that people are going to consider when building up their mileage and truly wanting to start going for distance.

Check out the link for more info.

5k Running Tips

When you can comfortably do 30 minutes of non-stop running, you might want to start looking at really pushing yourself. You might want to set a new PR for your 5k.

When that's the case, do check out the 5k running tips page. It provides you with all the building blocks you need to run a brilliant 5k.

10k Running Tips

As with the 5k page above, the 10k running tips page is about setting a personal best on the 10k. I will cover off on the important types of running training you should do, race strategy and more.

For more info, click the link above.

Need Running Tips to Get Faster? Here's How to Run Faster in Your Next Race

You might have just done a race. Now you are wondering what to do to do it faster. 

This article covers off on the factors to consider, running workouts to do and how it all fits together.

Follow the link for more information.

Five Basic Running Tips - Get Back to Basics

Sometimes we like to overcomplicate things. But you know, running is not that hard.

Just put one foot in front of the other. Repeat.

That's all. This article takes you back to basics and helps you consider what you can do to improve your running.

See the link for more info.

karvonen heart rate monitor training

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