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Whatever your skill level and days, months or years of running experience...  you have come to the right place. This is the running website that has all the running training information you need.

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Why Should You Listen to Me? Who am I to Tell You This?

dominique running
That's me, running a half marathon.
At about the half way mark,
so still looking presentable... :)

My name is Dominique.

Call me Dom, that's what everybody does!

I've been a passionate runner for many years.

When I first started running I looked all over the place for the Best Running Tips around.

Hard work and not always easy to get good advice. You know the feeling. You spend two hours online and with every article you read you get more confused.

Some say you should run faster. Some say you should run slower. Some say you shouldn't run at all....

Frustrating! More exhausting than an interval session...

That's why I developed this website.

black and white running picture, best running tips

Because When it Comes to Your Running...

  • I now know how you can best start running...

  • I now know how to hit that sub-40 10k goal or the sub-3 marathon.

  • I now know when to run slow and when to run fast.

  • You name it, I have tried it. And I have got an opinion about it... :)

    So, why don't you hang around and see what Best Running Tips can offer to you!

    running quote, sweat is just fat crying

    Check Out The Wealth of Running Tips and Running Resources on This Site

    This site has been growing from a little crawling baby-site in 2006 to a full-grown ready-to-roar muscle-packed unstoppable lean, mean running machine.

    Whatever you want or need, I have got you covered...

  • The most important beginner running tips.

  • A variety of beginner running programs.

  • How to combine running and a healthy diet so you can finally make those unwanted pounds disappear.

  • Information about all the types of running training you can do. The slow, the fast, the in-between. When to do it, when not to do it.

  • Covering all important race distances with a series of specific articles. 5k, 10k, marathon, you name it!

  • A host of tools, running calculators etc. that help you get the best out of yourself.

  • ... And much more.

  • Browse the site via the links provided and discover everything that's on offer.

    And come back and visit often. Or...

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    With this website you will have the ability to find everything you need to make your running a wonderful activity. To find all you need with regard to running.

    Browsing through this website will benefit every runner, even the most experienced ones.


    "... Keep Up The Great Work..."

    Hi Dominique,

    Great website! I am new to running, just started six weeks ago. I had a problem with my knee caused by golf, not running, so I was unable to run for 2 weeks. So really, I have only been running for 4 weeks.

    Anyway I have been using your running stretches for my last two runs and to my amazement I was pain free the day after my run for the first time.

    I would like to thank you for this advice it has encouraged me even more to continue with my running program.

    I really enjoy running it makes me feel alive, the way you have to push yourself testing your limits.

    Right now I am doing a running and walking program. I am escalating the running portion and reducing the walking gradually week after week.

    I would like to be able to run for 30 minutes by the 12th week of my program. That is very exciting, I can't believe how quickly I have fallen in love with this sport.

    Anyway thanks again for the advice and keep up the great work it is very inspiring.

    Best Regards,
    Wade, Toronto

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