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Need Running Tips to Get Faster? Here's Six Ideas on How to Run Faster in Your Next Race

Running tips to get faster, how to run faster.

You may have started running a little while ago.

You might have already completed a number of races. One, two or many.

Regardless of that, you now want to become faster. You want your next race to be your best one yet.

If you want to be able to run faster for your next races, here are some steps that you can take to reach your objective.

Running Tip to Get Faster #1: Vary Your Pace

running tips to get faster

Vary your pace and do interval training.

A mistake many of us runners make is to run without much variety in our running program.

We keep on doing the same thing over and over again.

Yet, we expect different results.

Keep running at the same speed during training and your body will get used to this.

You need to push your body out of its comfort zone.

Running at different speeds during training will help you improve different body systems. When you do interval training, your body gets trained at pumping oxygen to the muscles more efficiently.

When oxygen delivery is more efficient, your body is able to go at a faster pace without breaking down.

When you start interval running you will want to start off easily, e.g. 1 minute hard, 3 minutes easy alternating. Over time build up the interval running time to about 5 minutes and reduce the rest time to 2-3 minutes.

Follow the link for more information about interval running.

great quote from dr george sheehan

Running Tips to Get Faster #2: Tempo Pace

Aside from doing interval training, you should also train your muscles with tempo running. Tempo training is running at a speed slightly faster than easy speed.

It's a pace that is best described as comfortably hard, a pace you are able to maintain for longer periods of time, but it takes some effort.

What you are doing with tempo running is to improve your lactate acid threshold, the point at which lactace acid starts building up in your muscles at a faster rate than your body can get rid of it. Run faster than lactate acid threshold speed and you will start getting heavy legs after only 3-5 minutes due to the build-up of lactic acid.

But run just below this threshold and you are training your body to get rid of the lactate acid more efficiently. This in turn means that, over time, your lactate acid threshold improves and you can run faster without getting heavy legs.

Running Tips to Get Faster #3: More Mileage?

running tips to get faster

The big issue with running is that many of us think that more mileage is the answer to being able to run faster.

This is not always the case.

Sure, when you are just starting off, getting more mileage into your legs is a great way to improve.

You want to build up a strong, strong base.

After all, long distance running is stressing the aerobic / cardio-vascular system more than anything else, so you will want to make sure you are doing appropriate mileage.

But when you are already doing high mileage, say you are running 5-6 days per week, and you can't get improvement, then you have to wonder whether adding more miles is necessarily going to work.

Chances are that you are overdoing it. This can leave your muscles sore and prone to injuries. In addition to that it is likely that your quality workouts are suffering. Running is best done with a hard/easy approach.

Do good hard workouts like tempo runs and intervals and alternate them with easy/recovery days. When you get to a point where your intervals aren't strong anymore and your tempos are getting too difficult to do, it is a sign that your "easy" days are not easy enough.

In that case it may be best to decrease your mileage! Strange but true. It could well be best that you run 3-4 times a week only and make sure you get adequate rest the day after your hard runs. Instead of running, you may need to consider other activities like swimming or bike riding.

Running Tips to Get Faster #4: Hill Training

running tips breathing

Hill training is a great way to increase your speed as well as your physical strength.

Make sure you get warmed up properly so that your muscles are ready for this type of workout before starting.

Generally, you run up the hill at a high intensity and then jog downhill.

The effort you exert in running uphill will work wonders for you when you start running on flat ground.

You will instantly see how your speed and strength are increasing at the same time.

Running Tips to Get Faster #5: Holistic View

running tips to get faster

Take the holistic view... body and mind...

Aside from the technical aspects of your running, let's take a look at the whole picture. Obviously, if you are overweight, you will have a hard time running faster. The extra weight you are carrying with you will make the body feel heavy and will slow down your running speed. 

Therefore, it is best that you partake in a healthy diet that will help you achieve your appropriate weight.

In addition, consider the sources of stress in your life. Do you get enough sleep? Can you make changes there? Do you often lack energy? Do you maybe need to start taking a multivitamin like Kiwi Klenz to make sure your body completely absorps all the nutrients it gets from your food?

A healthy liver and a well-functioning body will improve how you feel. Without a doubt, this has a big influence on the quality of training you can put in and has a big influence on your racing times.

Running Tips to Get Faster #6: Core Training

Another secret of a fast runner lies in his or her core. 

Core muscles should be strengthened with different exercises like Yoga, Pilates and abdominal exercises a few times a week.

There are now studies available that show the benefits of core training. 

One recent study tested runners' improvements over a 8- or 12-week cycle.

One group did not do core exercises, the other group did. 

The 5k time improvement was around 20-40 seconds better for the people doing core exercises. 

That is huge on such a short distance. Imagine the impact this has on longer races like the marathon!

A good source for core training exercises is the Pilates eBook.

These are just some of the running tips that you may be able to use on your quest to get faster.

You have got the motivation and the mindset already.

Else you would not be here.

Now is the moment to add some smart, quality, running to the mix, take a holistic view to your running and start doing core exercises.

Before you know it you will run faster than ever before.

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