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Running Tips - Breathing Tips and Techniques While Running

Running Tips Breathing, Breathing Tips for Runners
There is so much different running information available.

Breathing tips are sometimes forgotten, even though beginning runners often have difficulties with this.

Check out this article with running tips for breathing to find out the right way to breathe.

So, do you find yourself out of breath after running for just a few minutes? Well, it may just be your stamina that needs some working on, not your breathing.... :) 

running tips breathing
However, feel your stamina is fine? 

But you suffer from shortness of breath early in your run?

Then this article may help you further.

Don't know how to breathe properly?

Then it is likely that you won't be able to maximize your running.

Many of us have exactly the same problem. What you must know about proper breathing is that it will take a lot of practice before you get accustomed to the breathing pattern that suits you.

When you don't use the proper breathing technique, you'll find yourself getting out of breath easily as you are using more oxygen in the body.

It is best that you start learning how to properly breathe when running as early as now. Don't and you will find it hard to improve your endurance and enjoy your running. On the other hand, breathing properly will give you a much more comfortable running experience.

You may have noticed how elite runners in a marathons or other running competitions don't seem to be gasping for air much even if they are exerting a lot of effort to run fast.

This is because they have already mastered the art of breathing correctly when running and you should do so, too.

So, how do you breathe properly when running? Follow these simple breathing tips to get you on the right track:

Running Tips Breathing - Tip #1: Practice Normal Breathing

If found on ground...

Normal breathing is like how you breathe when you are sitting, standing or just doing anything without exerting any effort. Always breathe in through your nose.Taking in deep breaths allows the muscles to relax as well. Be reminded that if you breathe in and out through your mouth, you will be gasping for air very fast.
Always practice this normal breathing pattern before you start running. By the way, just sitting there taking deep breaths has a wonderful calming effect as well. Do it long enough and you get very close to meditation!

Running Tips Breathing - Tip #2: Create a Breathing Pattern

running tips breathing
Breathe deeply...
The second tip is to create a breathing pattern.
You want to practice a steady pattern.

One in which you breathe in for a certain time, then exhale for a certain time.

Now I am not going to tell you exactly how long to breathe in for and how long to breathe out for.

For one reason because it is personal, the other reason is that it is dependent on how fast you run.

When you run faster, your breathing pattern is a bit faster as you will want to get in oxygen a bit more regularly. The important part here is that you try to have a steady breathing pattern during your run.

Practicing a breathing pattern can be very difficult at first, but you will be surprised how much easier it can make your running feel.
Especially if you used to not breathe properly and now change to deeper slower breaths, you will suddenly find that you become calmer and your running becomes a lot more enjoyable.

Running Tips Breathing - Tip #3: Breathe From the Belly

A common mistake made by runners is breathing through their lungs. This is an improper way of breathing. Breathing should always come all the way from the belly so you will get a full deep breath that will enable you to run longer without getting tired easily.

This is the third tip to breathing properly when running and may be one of the more important ones.

It's only when you run at superfast speed that belly breathing becomes too hard as your breathing will revert to shorter shallower breaths. But for slow runs, belly breathing is definitely the way to go.

Running Tips Breathing - Tip #4: Open Your Mouth a Bit and Keep your Jaws Relaxed

running tips breathing

Opening your mouth a bit and keeping your jaws relaxed will help you breathe easier and more comfortably.

Also, it is best to do your running in a green environment that is free of pollution.

Not only is running in a polluted environment unhealthy but it will also affect your running performance.

Running Tips Breathing - Tip #5: Perform the Run/Walk Combination

Lastly, if you continue to have difficulties running you need to consider whether it is your endurance that needs work. In that case, it is best to do slower runs predominantly or move to doing run / walk combinations.

You can start out with a 3-4 minute jog at your preferred pace and then follow it up with a 3-4 minute walk. Start practicing your breathing rhythm at a slow pace and speed. There are a number of different beginner running programs on this website which all focus on run/walks.

The key with run/walks is to very gradually increase the time spent running and reduce the time spent walking. With the gradual increase in your running time, you will not push yourself too much which means you can keep your breathing at a calmer, more pleasant level.

Find yourself exercising comfortably and looking forward to your next workout? Then you are doing well. However when it is a real pain in the backside and you don't get much enjoyment out of it, then think again. Reduce the pressure on yourself, introduce some or more walking breaks and start loving your running!

After you have successfully improved your breathing pattern, you'll find yourself running like the wind within weeks or a few months.

Sometimes, the success of your breathing will also depend on your age, weight and fitness level.

Nonetheless, keep practicing the proper breathing technique while running and keep on building up that running endurance and you will see progress.

Surely, you will find yourself lasting longer during your runs.

Again, breathing properly is very important in improving your endurance and stamina.

Not to mention, it is also vital when running long distances.

So get serious about these running tips for breathing!

By the way, sometimes your breathing can be affected by your posture. For more advice about posture and technique, check out the following pages:

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