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The Benefits of Running - At Least Six Reasons Why You Should Run!

interval running

What are the benefits of running?

Running is one of the best sports you can do.

Some of the benefits are probably clear to you.

But there are more reasons to run than you had probably thought of.

Well, if you aren't a runner yet, I hope you'll consider being one after having read this article. I'll cover the most important benefits here.

It doesn't convince you? Then I don't know what will! 

Weight Loss Benefits of Running

One of the most obvious reasons to get into running is weight loss. This was a factor for me as well, I have to admit.

In my teenage years I was a fanatical soccer player hoping to make it to the pros. Although I got selected for some regional teams and a couple of pro-coaches came to visit my games a few times, I did not make it.

benefits of runningI stopped playing soccer when I went to uni.

Enjoying uni life a little too much I gained over 18 pounds in one year.

That's when I recognized one of the major benefits: weight loss.

At first I could not run that far.

But knowing how fit I had been before, I did not give up and gradually got better. The pounds vanished. Running is widely recognized as one of the best methods to work off the pounds.

Get into it!

Want to learn more about weight loss and running? Then check out the Running and Weight Loss page.

Esthetic Benefits of Running

Another great benefit is that it is a superb way to get into shape and look better.

Once you start running the fat in your body will make place for muscle. Well, as you run, your muscles get stronger and bigger. And your fat will disappear. I mean, don't start thinking fat will magically turn into muscle..!

Now, be aware, muscles are heavier than fat. So it might even be that you don't experience weight loss immediately or in as big steps as you hoped for. But your toning will improve. At the same weight you might already be able to fit into a smaller size!

Benefits of Running

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Long-term Benefits of Running

I got inspired into writing this page when I saw a copy of Runner's World. This issue featured an article on a veteran runner. When you had a look at him you would guess his age to be about 50-55.

Maybe 60
if you factored in that you were asked to guess this guy's age and apparently this meant it was quite amazing.

Well, turned out he is 73 years old and still runs about three times a week!

Whenever I have difficulty getting out of the door I simply have a look at this guy's photo again. That's what I want for me when I am older!

One of the long-term benefits of running is that you'll live longer and look younger than a sedate person. You are simply a lot healthier.

Your cardiovascular system (= heart & blood vessels) can do with a regular workout. With the staggering and rising numbers of obesity in the world, you need to make sure you are going to be at the healthy end of the spectrum.

And if you don't do it for yourself, do it for your (future?) children and grandchildren who will want to be around you for a lot longer!

Dietary Benefits of Running

benefits of runningOne of the side-effects of running is that it will make you improve your diet.

Acting healthy makes you want to eat healthy as well!

Away go those running benefits if you stuff yourself with greasy fast food after your workout!

For most runners, I hope for you as well, the desire to have fast food simply is not there, or is easier to resist.

Now, that's a double bonus; burning more calories and consuming less!

Need some help with improving your diet? You could check out the Runner's Diet page!

Mental Benefits of Running

Regular exercise is associated with psychological and mental benefits as well, such as reduction of insomnia and generally better sleeping patterns.

This, in turn, improves your concentration throughout the day.

I know I feel it. After a day at work I am mentally exhausted. Yet, running re-invigorates me. And I also feel it when time goes by that I can't get to my regular running.

I don't sleep as well, get crabbier and more tired! Just notice for yourself how exercise makes you feel. It does feel good, doesn't it?

And did you know that cardiovascular exercise (jogging, swimming, bike riding) is also prescribed to treat some psychological disorders like clinical depression?

Get those running shoes out of that dusty cupboard today!

Benefits of Running Over Other Exercise

Regular exercise is good for you.

benefits of runningThe benefit of running over, let's say, a gym membership is that running is very flexible.

There is no hefty price tag, annual membership or anything like that.

You don't have to go to a special place, a court or so.

Once you have your running shoes, socks, shorts, and t-shirt you are good to go, anywhere in the world, whether you are travelling a lot or not.

 Whether you have unregular shifts or not. You can always go for a run.

And your gear, shoes and apparel doesn't have to be expensive. Just check out the running shoes section for some good shoe ideas.


The benefits of running are basically endless.

Short-term effects like weight loss, improvement of looks and dietary changes are reason enough to start running.

But the long-term benefits of running make it really worth it. Running provides you with a life of physical and mental health.

Make sure that when you are in your mid-seventies you look like you are in your mid-fifties and maybe you'll live to be a hundred!

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Benefits of Running

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