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Running Tips - Chafing of Legs and Nipples - Prevention

Running Tips Chafing, Nipple Chafing, Thigh Chafing

So many different running tips.

Chafing tips are not often part of them.

However chafing can seriously take the joy out of running.

Therefore check out these running tips for chafing to work out what to do and what not to do.

Chafing and Running - Discomfort

Chafing is one of the most common problems that runners can experience. Another "favorite" is leg cramps.

For leg cramps, see my page about running and calf cramps. Chafing can come in two forms, nipple chafing and thigh chafing.

Sometimes, chafing can be unavoidable as you won't really get to pinpoint what is causing the irritation in your skin. It will often start from a minor irritation, leading to open sores and blisters.

Having chafing problems when running will definitely put you out of your game because of the discomfort and pain. Thus, you won't be able to maximize your running once the chafing problems start.

Running Tips Chafing - Nipple Issues

running tips chafing

First, let's talk about nipple chafing. Most men do not know what nipple chafing is and they only discover it once their nipples start bleeding. This can be a panicky experience for most men especially if they see tinges of blood in their shirt only to know it is coming out of their nipples.

I have had quite a few reactions from guys finding my page about nipple chafing and bleeding nipples and telling me how relieved they were to find my info!

Cause when you try to search for information on bleeding nipples online, you'd discover that it is actually called nipple chafing and this condition is quite common among runners.

Although it isn't something serious, you should still take action to prevent it as it can affect your performance as it is a real nuisance.

Running Tips Chafing - Knowing What Causes Bleeding Nipples

Nipple chafing occurs when the nipple constantly rubs with the shirt worn. The friction can result in irritation, soreness, bleeding, and dryness of one or both nipples.

This problem is common in men because women usually wear a sports bra and are better protected. Despite that, some women get the issue as well.

Running for only a short period of time? Then you won't really experience any nipple chafing but as you increase your time and distance, you'll find yourself experiencing a case of nipple chafing every now and then.

Marathon runners do it long and hard

Running Tips Chafing - Knowing How to Treat Nipple Chafing?

You must treat nipple chafing like a regular wound by cleaning it with an antiseptic and washing with water. After cleaning the wound, cover it with a gauze pad

You can replace the gauze pad every day until the wound has dried up. The gauze will also protect your nipple from further irritation should you choose to run again.

Running Tips Chafing - Prevention of Bleeding Nipples

There are different things that can help prevent bleeding nipples. First is to make use of band-aids. Every time you go for a run, simply stick a band-aid over your nipples. It will serve as protection for your nipple so it won't keep rubbing on your shirt.

The only problem with band-aids is that they can have a tendency to fall off once you sweat. So the best thing to do is to buy a small circular band-aid that will fit perfectly on your nipples.

running tips chafing

A bandaid can help

The next method to prevent nipple chafing is to use a special cream to protect your nipples. Usually, Vaseline is an effective cream for short runs. But since it rubs off within about an hour or so, it is not advisable for long distance runs.

The third method is to stick small pads on your nipples. These small pads are called Nipguards. Some runners swear by the effectiveness of Nipguards as they really stay stuck on top of the nipples.

Running Tips Chafing - The Thighs

Another type of chafing is thigh chafing. This occurs when the thighs rub in your shorts. This causes irritation, soreness, and dryness. The rubbing is also worsened because of the sweat coming out of the thighs. For thigh chafing, you should clean it the same way as treating your nipples. Here are some tips to help prevent thigh chafing:

First, it is advisable that runners wear tight fitting shorts such as cycling shorts or running tights or pants. The fitted shorts wrap the thigh firmly. Hence, there is no space for friction or rubbing.

Compared to wearing loose shorts, this can make a considerable difference. Your thighs will be more prone to rubbing onto the fabric of your loose shorts, which can lead to thigh chafing.

Second tip is to wear shorts that are made from DryFit or Coolmax fabric. These types of fabric easily absorb sweat and release the moisture immediately.

That is why most athletes prefer wearing clothing made from this fabric. It is best that you avoid wearing cotton as it holds moisture for longer periods of time.

Third tip is to apply BodyGlide or petroleum jelly on your thighs. These creams will help reduce the rubbing and friction between the skin and the fabric.

If you already have some irritation, it is best to apply these on your thighs to avoid more complications.

running tips chafing

On the heavy side?

Then these tips may not completely take your thigh chafing away. 

Your legs may still rub against eachother because of their size.

It is still very advisable to follow the tips above. 

Just know that you may have to endure some of this problem until your running has helped you lose the excess weight. Also see link at bottom of this page for more info on that subject.

As you can see, there are simple remedies that you can easily do to prevent chafing when running.

Simply follow the tips above whether it is for bleeding nipples or irritated thighs.

Without these problems, you can be assured that you will have a more fun and enjoyable running experience!

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