How Many Kilometers Can I Run With My Running Shoes?

by Alberto

how many kilometres can i run with my running shoes
Hello, there is one question I'd like to know. I run three to four times a week and my actual shoes are Nike Vomero which I really like.

Is there any correct time I should replace it by a new pair? Is there a standard duration for those running shoes?

Thanks for your help.

Answer by Dominique:
Hi Alberto,
Thanks for your question about your Nike runners.

It is pretty hard to give you a definite answer.

The general rule of thumb is that running shoes will last you for at least 800 - 1000 km (~500 - 600 miles).

However, this gets influenced by a few factors:

1. Your weight
2. The way you run
3. Where you run
4. Your shoes

Let's cover these in a bit more detail.

Your Weight

If you are heavier, your shoes are going to be subject a bit more pounding. That means that they will not last as long as for somebody who weighs less.

The Way You Run

how many kilometres can i run with my running shoes
On my Running Cadence Page I ask the question: "Do you run like an elephant, or do you run like a gazelle?"

Clearly a gazelle needs to shop for running shoes less regularly than somebody who runs like an elephant.

Additionally, I'd say a factor is the way you run in your shoes. I'll illustrate with a personal example. For a long, long time I was deeply devoted to one shoe type only: the Asics Kayano series. However at one point, something subtle must have changed. The way the shoe interacted with my feet meant that there was some slight rubbing happening on the inside of the shoes. The shoes were ever so slightly touching the inside of the other leg. Not even noticeable to me as I was running. But over time, causing quite a bit of wear and tear. Maybe my calves were just getting so muscular and big, they became unavoidable... :)

When I went to get new shoes fitted, the guy fitting me pointed it out and we had a run on the treadmill with video to confirm what was happening.

Anyways, all to say that if your shoes are not completely right for your feet, you could be replacing them much more quickly.

Where You Run

Now, if you run on trails, with rocks, sand, etc. and other off-terrain goodness, then that would impact your shoes more than if you are just running on bitumen. You would get the most mileage out of your running shoes if you were to run on a treadmill.

Your Shoes

how many kilometres can i run with my running shoes
Lastly, the type of shoes we are talking about is important as well. For a general type of running shoe, getting about 800 - 1000 km out of them is pretty normal.

When you are talking racing flats or carbon fibre wonders of speed... much less. The early version of the carbon fibre shoes were only good for 50 - 100k, but currently they are pretty good and should probably last you 300k-ish. Still not a lot, but if you are only using them for racing, that might be ok for you.

So, what to do with all this information?

Well, I hope you understand it is pretty much impossible to give you The Number! But keep the above factors in mind to work out whether you are likely to be at the higher or the lower end of the spectrum.

If you are heavier and you know your running technique is not great and you run on trails... your number would likely be below the range.

So, track your mileage and when you get in the range or close to the range check the wear and tear of your shoes. An alarm bell should be if you are developing any injuries suddenly.

In my early running years I had a few instances where I was just wearing shoes out completely and at some point I'd get some unexplained knee pain problems, that would just kind of linger, until I would buy a pair of new running shoes, and suddenly the knee pain magically disappeared... :)

how many kilometres can i run with my running shoes
If in doubt, go to a good running shoe store and get a professional's opinion. The good ones will not just try to sell you into something, but will do an honest appraisal and will tell you whether you have some mileage left on your shoes or not.

Hope this helps.
Enjoy your running.
Kind regards,

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