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What Do I Do after Completing Beginners Running Program 3?

by Kathryn

Hi, I have just started (a week ago) doing your #3 beginners running program and I really like it.

My question is: once I can run 30 minutes straight after 12 weeks, where do I go from there? Would I then aim to run 5 km, or what could some options be?

I may want to try and run a half marathon some time in the future, but would certainly want to work up to that slowly.

Also, is it necessary to drink a power drink on this #3 beginners running program? Or when would I need to start drinking those or using gels, etc? Is that more for running marathons or long runs?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate and like your website. Kathryn

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Kathryn,
Thanks for your questions.

When you run 30 minutes straight you can probably already cover 5km or thereabouts, so doing a 5k running program after Beginners Running Program 3 is not going to be too challenging. Unless you want to do some specific training for a fast 5k.

Given you are in it for the distance, I would recommend going from Beginners Running Program 3 to my 10K Running Program.

After that you can do my Half Marathon Running Program as well.

Only a few days ago I got an e-mail from somebody who had done exactly this sequence and who were very proud that they went from zero to half marathon in nine months time.

Drinking during the run is something I normally only do in 90 min+ runs or when we are having one of those terrible extremely hot Melbourne summer days. It is what I personally do, you have to assess for yourself what works for you.

If you drink during your training on longer runs, then do start drinking from the beginning, e.g. take a few mouthfuls every 15 minutes. If you start drinking when you get thirsty you are basically too late.

Gels/other food are for the really long runs as well, particularly for marathon running training where you want to mimic race conditions.

It takes a while for food to be absorbed into your body, even when it comes in gel form, so for any shorter work it is simply not worth it. Not something you will need for anything else than marathon training.

Best of luck with your running.
Kind regards,

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