Week 2 Day 1 - Can't make it to 2-minute run

by Chrisnette


I am now at the 2nd week of the 20 min beginner running program of yours. On day 1, I am supposed to do 7 minute of brisk walking combined with 2 minutes of running.

I tried it today, and I was already breathless after less than 1 minute of running. Did I do something wrong? I was OK doing the 1 minute run in week 1.

Please help.


Answer by Dominique:

Hi Chrisnette,
Thanks for your running training question.
It is great to hear that yet somebody else has started Beginners Running Program 2!

Look, all new beginnings are difficult. My first question would be: how fast are you running?

The running pace you are supposed to use is just a little faster than your brisk walking. It is called easy pace, the pace at which you would be able to maintain a conversation. Try to run at that pace.

Even then, it can be that you need a bit of time getting used to "this running thing". I would encourage you to stick with the program for now. Try to do the program as prescribed.

If you really, really, really feel you can't do the full 2 minutes of running then stop for a short walking break. And then complete the rest of the running time. It is okay to take an extra walking break. But it is important that you cover off on the total running time you are supposed to do.

Try this approach for the next two, three weeks and see how it goes. You might find that after a few more training sessions it becomes a little easier. If you still feel the build-up is too fast, then simply repeat a week and make it a 11-week or 12-week program. That's all okay.

Whatever happens, do not quit! Getting fit can be frustrating. However, in the long run, quitting is endlessly more frustrating.

Hope this helps.
Best of luck with your running program.
Kind regards,

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