Want to Run A Mile on My Treadmill

by Erin

I am 31, and reasonably fit (5'3", 125). I exercise 2-4 times/wk (ballet-based isometric toning Bar Method, Power core yoga, high-rep / low weight weight lifting. But--I hate running!

That said, I can run a mile in about 20 minutes on a 4-6% incline on my treadmill at home. I would like to cut that down to 15 minutes. I have no idea if this is a reasonable goal. I am trying to figure out, if it is, in fact, reasonable, how to do this.

Do I just up the speed? Or try to run longer distances?

My legs are not the problem, they feel quite sturdy, even at the end. It's my lungs & heart that that keep my stamina where it is.
Thank you!


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Answer by Dominique:
Hi Erin,
Thanks for your question about your treadmill running.

Running a mile in 15 minutes is a very reasonable goal. Given the exercise you are already doing you should be able to achieve that.

First of all, is there a particular reason why the treadmill is set at a 4-6% incline? I think it would be good, initially, to bring the incline down. Reason I am saying this is that hill running is quite strenuous.

And I'd like you to try to run a bit more than what you are currently doing. At the 4-6% incline this would increase the risk of injuries.

What I would suggest you do is bring down the incline to 0 - 1% and then practice some run/walking. E.g. 5 min run, 2 min walk repeated 5 times. The running can be at an easy pace. It will probably be at about that 4 mile/hr speed (i.e. 15 minutes per mile) or even faster.

Then over the next few weeks, build up the time spent running, e.g. go to 6 min runs, 7 min runs, 8 min runs, etc.

Very much like the approach I take in the Beginner Running Programs on this site.

Because you are already pretty fit, before you know it you could be running 30 minutes non-stop, see Beginners Running Program 3. Of course I wouldn't suggest you start doing this program from week 1, but see if you could start somewhere at week 5-8 or so. Then you could work through the program and be at 30 minutes of non-stop running very soon.

At that point, with the additional fitness, covering your mile at 4-6% incline in 15 minutes should be, I expect, a breeze.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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