How Do I Start My Running?

by Susan

how to start running

I had back surgery a few years ago which left me with no feeling in my left leg from the knee to my hip.

I need a beginners running program that will help me start out very slowly and try to build some strength back in my left leg. I have found that every time I try my right leg is over compensating and therefore takes all the stress and an injury occurs.

Any suggestions would be great!

Answer by Dom:

Hi Susan,
Thanks for your running training question.

Sorry to hear about the impacts the back surgery has has on your ability to run and exercise.

I actually put an article about starting out with a running routine on my site:
How to Start Running.

I would recommend two things here (in addition to checking out the 'how to start running'-article):
1. Strength training with a focus on leg strength.
2. Start a run/walk running program.

The details:

Strength Training with a focus on Leg Strength

how to start running

Back in the good ol' days, when I was young and did not think strength training was important, every time I ramped my mileage up beyond a certain level, I would start getting ITB problems in my left leg. It was clear that my left leg was just that little bit weaker. I believed for quite a while that this was just something I had to live with.

Until I discovered strength training and started working with a Personal Trainer. I haven't looked back. After a number of months of training the ITB problems reduced; then they disappeared to never come back.

Injuries are not necessary. They are not a needed part of running. And I don't believe that you have to put up with it. You can do something about this. Give strength training a serious go. I really think a big key to your problem is dealing with that weakness.

Start a Run/Walk Running Program

how to start running
In addition to the strength training, I recommend starting off with one of the beginner running programs on my site. They are run/walk programs.

These programs have a number of great benefits over regular running programs:

The walk breaks in between give you a chance to ease into a running program. They allow you to recover not only after your training, but also during your training.

These beginner running programs build up the mileage slowly and safely giving your body a chance to build up strength.

Have a look at the various running programs on offer, and see which one fits most with your goals.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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