Best Way / Distance to Train to Reduce 1.5 Mile Time by 1 Minute

by Jenny

I want to be a PTI in the army, I'm in the army already but to do this I need to run a mile and half in under 9:30.

I can do it in about 10:30.

What's the best training to do so I can get my time under 9:30 and how far should I run every day to be able to do this, also will changing my diet to become more healthy help me in getting this time and run fast?


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Answer by Dominique:

Hi Jenny,
Thanks for your question about the 1.5 mile run.

Each running speed provides different advantages and trains different body systems best.

In order to get improvement it is usually best to train at a variety of speeds.

Say, you'd be doing three runs per week, then I would do them as follows:

1) Longer, slower run, also see the Base Running page.

2) Tempo run, see my tempo running page.

3) Intervals (see the interval running page).

As an example, a sample training week could look something like this:

1) Long run, 8k @ 6.00 min/km

2) Tempos: 3 x 10 min @ 4.50 min/km with 5 min jog in between

3) Intervals: 8 x 800m @ 4.25-4.30 min/km with 2 min jogs in between.

This would just be one training week, you would be varying the intervals and lengths of the runs from week to week, building up and down depending on where you are at.

If you'd be training with me I would also let you do some goal pace running or 1.5 mile time trials to gauge progress.

To answer your second question, yes, diet and weight would influence outcomes. If you are currently too heavy, then you will be able to improve your times by watching your diet and losing some weight.

Each kg you lose will make you a few seconds per km faster.

Your running will help burn more calories of course, but portion control and eating healthy foods will help as well.

However, if your weight is currently normal or to the low side, then I would not expect much extra improvement from losing more weight.

If you don't weigh as much and lose more weight you would actually not be losing body fat, but losing muscle, which can have a detrimental effect on your racing performance.

Further recommended reading:

Running Training section.

Running for Weight Loss

My running coaching service

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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