Want To Increase My Running Speed

by Joanna

I currently get 10.46 for a 2.4km run on the track. I would like to increase my pace so I can get my time to 10.15.

How do I go about doing this?

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Joanna,

Thanks for your running training question.

Unfortunately you did not give me "much to play with" like how much you currently train, times for other distances, etc. So I'll have to keep this answer pretty general.

You want to shave off 30 seconds of your 2.4 km time, which is 5 seconds per lap (probably fair to assume you are running on a 400 metre track), that does not sound too unreasonable, but then again 2.4 km is a tough distance. It is pretty full on because you need that speed, but you also need to have the stamina to go the distance.

Your running training therefore needs to consist of a few ingredients:

* Long and Easy Runs.
I'd be interested to know how long your longest run is now. If it is only a short distance (i.e. not much more than the 2.4 km) then there is a major key for improvement. Make your long run 7-10 km (build up slowly over time) and you will be able to increase that running speed and you will be flying through that 2.4 km!

* Tempo Runs.
By the end of your race the lactic acid in your legs builds up and up. This is what makes your legs tired. Tempo running helps you to increase your lactate threshold, i.e. the speed at which you start to accumulate lactic acid. So the higher that threshold, the more you can increase your running speed without your legs tiring out.

* Interval Running.
Intervals are a third necessary ingredient for this distance. You need to be able to run fast and maintain that speed.

* Strides.
Running strides can help make you run more efficiently and can help you improve your running speed.

There is a lot more to running training. You may find it helpful to browse my running training section.

Hope this helps.

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