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Sneezing after Running

by S.C.
(El Paso, Texas)

Every time I finish a run, I start sneezing (like a minute straight). For the rest of the day, I will have a runny and stuffy nose and will continue to sneeze.

I've taken allergy, sinus, and cold medications. Everyone said I had to get used to this environment, but I've been here for five months now and I still get sick.

How can I prevent getting sick?

Answer by Dominique:

Thanks for your question about sneezing after your run. That's an interesting situation you have got there.

The first thing I thought about was hayfever, but that would cause sneezing regardless of whether you run or not and I think you have ruled that out by taking all the different types of medications.

One thing is that running and other exercise can cause extra blood flow to mucus membranes in your nose and mouth and that could cause your sneezing. Another thing could be an infection of your sinuses or irritation to your sinus cavities.

From what you are writing it seems like you never used to have this problem until you moved to where you live now. What is so different about this place compared to where you first lived? Is the air a lot drier or are you at a higher altitude? Things like that could affect the airways.

The best thing you can do to get rid of this is to pay a visit to a doctor and work out what this exactly is, there may be a simple solution to this annoying problem!

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Kind regards,

Comments for Sneezing after Running

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Jan 31, 2012
Happens to me too!
by: Anonymous

This same thing happens to me and is the reason I ended up reading this, as I was searching for an explanation. For me it has nothing to do with the environment as I've had no changes. It happens from outdoor runs and also indoor runs on a treadmill. My only hypothesis is that reflexology plays a role, considering the sinuses are connected somehow to the toes according to all the charts I've seen. I have wide, bony feet. I've never really been able to wear high heeled shoes without tremendous pain. The only stretch of relief I had was the four months I ran with a lightweight shoe. Not the toes kind, but a barefoot run kind of shoe. I got a more structured shoe for the marathon I ran a few months ago, but I am going to get more barefoot shoes and see if it fixes this problem again. But maybe you could try it too, just to see.

Mar 04, 2012
Happens to me too!
by: Anonymous

Like the previous poster, I found this article when searching for an answer as to why this happens to me. I do suffer seasonal allergies but I live in Boston and this happens even in the winter when allergies are not an issue. After a run I have intense sneezing fits that last for several minutes; it takes a couple of hours for the sneezing, runny nose and terrible "pre-sneeze" tickle in my nose to subside. I don't think taking allergy meds is the answer, but don't know what is...

Mar 11, 2012
Me too
by: Dana

I also found this article looking for an explanation for why I am sneezing after my run. I don't run very often, and usually this doesn't happen after my runs. Today however, it's horrible! My nose has been running like mad too. The only thing I can think of, for myself anyway, is that I've been really congested lately fighting a cold or allergies. Maybe my run just loosened everything up. Whatever the reason, I hate having a sneeze tickle stuck in my nose!

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