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How Running Changed My Life

by 82machines

My name is Jared and I am 26 years old and live in Chile (South America) and this is my story:
Since I was a kid I always had a close relationship with exercise.
Ice hockey, rugby and especially weightlifting.

My weight was always between 90 and 105 kilos. I am not really tall, I am 1.75m, but was more muscle than fat.
As soon as I got into uni I stopped all physical activities, then i started working as a manager in a restaurant and i gained even more weight.

My weight was 149kg !!!!!!!!!
And the worst part was that I had not realized that i was so overweight!!!

During uni and work years i tried diets, pills, gym but I never had the perseverance that was needed and I ended up really depressed and frustrated because I could not do anything about my weight.

You see, the more overweight you are the longer the distance between you and yourself.

I used to be a guy that never gave up and that thought that he could do anything, but with the weight loss failure I was reduced to a person that just accepted the weight problem as something he could not change.

Then on August 2007 I decided to try one last time, I started to investigate online for activities that burned more calories than others and I did found out that running was one of the top 10 calorie burning activities.

I talked with my physician. He told me that I could not run because of my weight.
Regardless, I went for a 2km run, but I felt like i was about to die.
After that horrible experience I started doing 4km on a bicycle.

I combined all the exercise with a low carbo diet that was terrible at the begining until I got used to it.

On November 2007 my weight was 132kg and my physician recomended me to start walking, but again I ran, very slow but I ran, and I did a 4km run without a problem.

Since that day I have been running 5 days a week, my current weight is 113kg at the moment and I still lose 3 kg per month.

I run 5k and 10k during work days and 1 time a month I run 24k.

Every morning I wake up around 6am and go out and run. I live in a city that is near the beach so I have a beautiful sight at all time.

Running is now a part of my life,
Running is now a part of Me,
Running changed my life...

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And I hope you start running too,
So you can feel what I feel
every day on the road...

Comments for How Running Changed My Life

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Jul 30, 2008
Thank You Jared
by: Dominique


Thank you for your contribution to my website.
I loved that one sentence (which I put in bold for you): "The more overweight you are, the longer the distance between you and yourself."

I am happy to see that you are turning it around. Losing weight, building confidence and then sharing your story with others and becoming a true inspiration. Great effort, well done.

Happy running.
Kind regards,
Dominique (website owner)

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