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YOUR Running Stories

Every runner has great running stories to tell.

I still know about my first race.
And of many races afterwards.

The triumphs of setting personal records, the pain and agony when I went out to fast and struggled to get to the finish line, the time I ran but should not have run because I was not feeling well, my first half marathon with leg cramps for four days afterwards...

I share some of those running stories throughout my website.

It is great to share those moments with people you know go through the same hard training as you do, who feel the nerves in the weeks before the Big Day and who can barely sleep the night before the race.

Take your opportunity here to tell me and the other visitors of this site about your greatest achievement or your darkest moments.

Take your time to share about your preparations, how you felt before, during and after the race, what it is that you accomplished or why your plan fell apart.

Finish it off with a nice picture of yourself and let us enjoy your story and leave you a few nice words !

Have A Great Running Story To Tell ?

Do you have a great running story ? Share it !

Read Other Visitor's Running Stories

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

Don't Give Up Running 
I started running for my high school cross country team last year as a sophomore. Towards the end of the season while doing a workout of hill surges I …

starting out w/ my running foot stuck in my mouth 
story of a 13 year old beginner -there's something about a couple miles that sings to me; but then my mom having to follow me in the car cuz she doesn't …

You Might Be A Cross Country Runner If... 
YOU MIGHT BE A CROSS COUNTRY RUNNER IF... ...your shoes have more miles on them than your car does. need a magnifying glass to see your name …

My Dad's Story 
My dad was born in his parents' bedroom in a two-room house in St. Joseph, MO. When he was a toddler, his parents couldn't afford to keep raising him, …

I Won, I Really Won! Thanks For Everything! 
On Saturday October 4, 2008 I ran the Florida Suncoast Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 10k. To commemorate the 10th year of the race they added the 10k... …

Thank You! 
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I am just getting started trying to build my running times, as I haven't been running too often and I am getting into …

How Running Changed My Life 
My name is Jared and I am 26 years old and live in Chile (South America) and this is my story: Since I was a kid I always had a close relationship with …

I Made it Through Yesterday 
I just started a running program 8 days ago. With this program, you upgrade your run/walk each week. This past Thursday was Day One of Week Two. I …

Marathon Runner Says She Catches A Thief 
A would-be burglar met his match when he tried to elude Margo Foster, a marathon runner with a black belt in karate who also knows kickboxing and kung …

Why I Run 
I love to run. I don´t know if I can call myself a "runner". I have never competed in a race and I don´t think I would be amongst the fastest ones …

They Call Me 'Hero' 
Pushing it hard, struggling against my own body, fighting the pain just to keep moving, holding back tears, ready to give up, begging myself not to. My …

Running: Something That I Love that was Found out of Boredom Not rated yet
I started running when I was 13. I never felt like doing track or another school sport to stay fit. I started browsing the Internet, in boredom, looking …

The Only Exercise That Made a Difference Not rated yet
My name is Julianna. Since high school, I enrolled in aerobics in my adult life thinking that this would make a difference on my health. The workouts …

Gary a Runner in TX Not rated yet
I started running at 38 on the day day I quit smoking. At first I couldn't even get around the block without getting out of breath. I started by jogging …

Learning to Love It: Chronicles of a Chubby Runner Not rated yet
When I'm running I'll try to distract myself (from the pain) with anything imaginable. I often picture my 3 best girlfriends (all excellent distance …

Military Physical Fitness Test Not rated yet
Hi, my name's Meth, I'm in Thailand and I'm 15 years old. I've always had difficulties in long-distance running, however, I'm quite a fast sprinter. …

Discovering the Joy in Running Not rated yet
I don't mind running in sports like basketball or soccer, but I used to hate just running long distances often because I couldn't last for longer than …

My Most Memorable Race Not rated yet
It was the nationals and it was my second time there. I had failed the first time and was very keen on winning the title the second time. I gave it my …

A Wonderful Start to a Healthier Life Not rated yet
I only just began running about six or seven months ago. Back then, if you had told me that I was capable of going any further than a single mile, I would …

My Best 5K Race Not rated yet
My best (5k) race occurred May 9th, 2009. Although i've only taken part in 3 races (two in 2008), I believe this race was my most successful because of …

‘I Could Run To Colorado Just Like This’ Not rated yet
Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Liesl Marelli, 3rd Battalion, 157th Field Artillery, Colorado Army National Guard FORT HOOD, Texas (May 15, 2009) - Every …

Oops Not rated yet
My very first race, whew, what a race. I had started the High School Cross Country team after they had already built their bases and 4 weeks from their …

O I Live For Little Moments Like This... Not rated yet
So CHRISTmas break has begun and I am finally able to run in the familiarity of home! As I ran this morning it just felt amazing! After fighting the morning …

Running for Living Not rated yet
Hello to all! Well, despite of being a bit athletic, right from my childhood, I had never thought of running in any long distance events other than just …

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Silver Comet Half Marathon Not rated yet
What an incredible day! It’s going to be very hard for me to put into words what this was like but I’ll try. This was not only my first half marathon …

New to Running Not rated yet
I have always done some type of physical activity. I preferred power walking, just last month I decided to start jogging. I worked my way up faster …

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