Which Treadmill Should I Buy?

by Mike

I am debating getting a refurbished Inspire Ironman - 2006/2007 model for $900 CAD or a 2004 Alliance 910 Treadmill.

This treadmill is 3 years old and was used by one person (110 lb female) for running and walking. It has not been moved from the room it was first set-up in, in great condition, with heart rate function with both strap around chest and on hand rails.

What would you recommend?

I am approx 200 lbs, wife using it mostly, 135 lbs.

Thanks in advance,


Answer by Dominique:

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your question.
Hard to say.
I am not a treadmill expert, but I'd be careful with getting a second hand treadmill.
You never know how it has been used, how often etc.
Keep in mind that a treadmill can need its' maintenance and so, what seems cheap at first, can become more costly quickly.

Heart rate function on the treadmill is a nice-to-have, but if you have your own heart rate monitor, then it's not a necessity.

Have a look at the few tips and pointers I give in my treadmill section.

Hope this helps.

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