Trail Running

by Alexa

I have recently begun trail running to help me train for a 10 mile adventure race. It is becoming a very fun hobby.

I tend to run 7-10mi up and down mountain trails. I find it challenging and luckily for me pain-free.

I am in very good shape, in my opinion, and stay fit by running, core strengthening and working out with a TRX system.

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However, I have noticed my legs muscles becoming increasingly larger since I began trail running.

I am a 5'8'' 150lb woman who has lost 40lbs this past year (June 2010-present).

I am getting nervous with the increasing muscle - essentially losing that nice lean figure I've acquired after the weight loss - and would like to revert back to being leaner while still be able to run trails.

Is there anything that can be done to combat this other than the obvious (stop trail running)?

Different diet, more cardio, etc? Thanks!

Answer by Dominique:

Hi there,
Thanks for your question. Trail running can provide you with a challenging workout, especially when you are lucky enough to work out in a hilly area.

The hills can provide some good strength training for your upper legs and they will get more toned because of it.

I can't imagine that the trail running will give you incredibly big legs though. Unless you do lots of upper leg exercises with your TRX system or do weighted squats and a lot of sprint work I would not expect your legs to become big.

The trail running should just make them a little more toned, which should be a good thing!

If this becomes a real, real worry though, then I would reduce the amount of hill work you do. Replace the hills by flat terrain and maybe do less leg work on the TRX system.

Kind regards,

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