Running and Feeling Hungry

by Barry

Hi there.
I am quite new to running. I have got a question about eating and feeling hungry. Ever since I have started running I get hungry so quickly. Is it just because of the extra exercise? Is there anything I can do to stop going for the cookie jar at night? I feel it defeats all the purpose of the running in the first place.

I would really appreciate an answer to this.

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Barry,
Thanks for your question. Running requires energy from your body. The more you run, the more energy you use. Your body needs to eat and drink to replenish and gain back energy.

Some tips to fight the urges:

  • Make sure you eat healthy

  • Eat well when you have your main meals. Eat your fruit and vegetables, make sure you get enough protein and complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread and pasta) into your body.

  • Try more, but smaller meals

  • Instead of 3 meals per day try to make it into 6 meals a day. Not by eating more, but by eating less when you have your main meals and compensating for that midway between meals. E.g. eat some nuts and raisins as a "snack" in between. Save half a sandwich from lunch and eat it a few hours later.

    We are trained to eat 3 times a day. But when we make exercise changes we can get hungry in between. If we do not prepare for this, then this is the time we will go for a quick fix via a chocolate bar, cookies etc.

  • Drink water

  • Have lots of water. Running will get you dehydrated and that may make feel like you need something to eat.

  • Have your healthy snack ready

  • When you are still experiencing cravings, be prepared for them. Make sure you have got an apple ready, some nuts or something, anything to stop you from going for your cookies. Better still, ban the cookies from your home!

    I hope these few little tips help you battle the cravings.
    Best of luck.
    Kind regards,

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