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Pain in the Groin Area

by Aimee

I am so glad I found your website. It has been so helpful. I love to run. Two weeks ago while running I started getting a pain in my groin area and at times it would seem to radiate on to my pubic bone.

I iced it for 3 days then applied heat on it for one day and then started doing strengthening exercises and stretches of the groin area.

I tried running and it started hurting again so I rested for another week and then I did a slow jog for only one mile and it was tender the whole time. Now even when I walk at times it is sore. I just want to run! It is driving me crazy!

How long does this type of injury take to heal?
When can I start running again?
Would it be okay to at least go on fast pace walks?
What do you advise to speed up the healing time?
How do I prevent this from happening again?

I just want to run again and soon!

Thanks for your help and advice.


Answer by Dominique:

Hi Aimee,
Thanks for your questions.
Although it is not possible to diagnose you from afar, this sounds to me like a groin pull. This is an injury where you may have pulled one of the groin muscles, causing the painful feeling which can radiate throughout the upper leg/groin area.

You are taking the right measures, i.e. icing and resting. You can also take some anti-inflammatories to reduce the immediate pain.
You might not have given your injury the complete time to heal. This can last a good week or two, sometimes even a while longer.

I can understand that you are eager to get back into running, but try not to do that, because you may only aggravate your injury any further. So take proper rest and then, after two weeks, start some gentle running or faster paced walking. Continue icing the injury for a while. Make sure you ease back into your running training, so try to avoid hills and faster paced running / sprinting and make sure you slowly build up your mileage again.

These kind of injuries will happen from time to time. Sometimes due to a sudden movement or missing a step or something. To prevent strains and pulls a proper warm-up is key. So before you get into any faster paced running make sure that you have properly warmed up your legs via 5-10 minutes of easy running.

You may also want to consider some stretching and strengthening exercises.

And with all this advice I am giving, please remember, I am not a doctor. If your pain does not go away, you should really go see your physician. Better safe than sorry.

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Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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