Pain in Liver Area While Running

by Jagjit

I am running nowadays and I complete 2.7 Km in 18 min.

But after completion of about 2.2 Km I experience intense pain in the liver area.

It remains there for a while and after some time it goes away.

The intensity of the pain makes me stand still for a while. Could you tell me what this is?

Also, is running on hard surfaces like roads advisable?

Answer by Dominique:
Hi there,
Thanks for your running questions.

Regarding your liver question:
this is too crazy. This is the second time that I get asked about side stitches by two different runners at about the same time. I just answered another question about this issue.

This problem is caused by your breathing. See my answer to the question I just answered for more details about Cramps Under Ribs While Running.

Regarding running on hard surfaces:
Running on hard surfaces is tougher on the legs than running on soft surfaces. This is a fact. And many, many people get injuries on their lower legs or knees, which is often related to the impact that running has on the lower legs and knees.

There are ways to reduce the impact that running has on you. This has to do with your running shoes, your running cadence and running technique.

When you increase your mileage safely and use the advice from the links above, running is a very healthy and safe activity. Of course, running on soft surfaces is better, but most people are perfectly fine with running on hard surfaces.

As long as there are many more benefits to running as to sitting on the couch watching TV, keep on running, whether it is on hard or soft surfaces!

Hope this helps.

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