Numb Lower Leg While Running

by Sarah

numb lower leg while running
I recently started running. I haven't run for a few days now but I have noticed that my left leg is going numb. Is this a result of the running or could this be more serious? My left inner calf tingles and my left leg looks slightly bigger than my right leg, it doesn't hurt though. What's wrong with my leg?

Answer by Dominique:
Hey Sarah,

Firstly, kudos on starting your running journey! I'm here to guide you along this exciting new path. Now, to your intriguing question about your leg and your concerns.

1. What Causes Lower Leg Numbness?
2. Run-related or Something More?
3. Could it Be DVT?
4. Recommendation - A Trip to the Doctor

What Causes Lower Leg Numbness

Numbness or that tingling sensation, popularly known as "pins and needles," typically happen due to changes in blood circulation.

Think of it as a traffic jam in your bloodstream. This can happen for several factors like sitting cross-legged for too long, tying your shoe laces too tight, or even due to lower blood pressure.

Run-related or Something More?

numb lower leg while running
Numbness in your lower legs while running is not uncommon. It is often explained by some nerve pressure or some interruption in blood flow. If it is that, massaging, the impacted area, in this case your lower leg, would be the answer.

However, it does not sound like this issue was brought on by running. Unless I misunderstood, this issue wasn't there when you were running or showed up immediately after your run. It came about a number of days later.

And it doesn't sound like normal muscle soreness to me.

So, considering that you haven't been running in the last few days, your running shoes don't seem the likely culprit. And, sometimes, irregularities in our bodies aren't always workout-related.

However, the thing about your leg swelling is a tad concerning. Now, take a deep breath, and let's explore what could be going on.

Could It Be DVT?

numb lower leg while running
Your symptoms, like inner calf tingling and leg swelling, may point towards something called Deep Vein Thrombosis, often shortened to DVT.

DVT happens when a blood clot forms in one of your deep veins, mainly in the legs. It's also known as "economy class syndrome" because sitting still for long periods (like on long-haul flights) may raise the risk of DVT.

If it is DVT, you might need specific medications to get that clot out of the way! If it is not, it could still be something harmful that's worth checking out.

A Trip to the Doctor

numb lower leg while running
It's essential to get any new or unexplained symptoms checked out by a medical professional. While I don't want to jump to conclusions or frighten you, your health and safety must always be priority number one.

Therefore, Sarah, to ensure we're not missing something potentially significant, I'd strongly recommend visiting your doctor. Explain your symptoms and running routine, and they can give you much more informed advice.

I hope this provides some guidance, Sarah, and remember, your health comes first, and running a close second. Get this numbness in your lower leg checked out. It could be nothing, it could be something. Do your due diligence and go see a real professional!

Kind regards,

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