Keep on Running with Shin Splints?

by Amy

I am new to running and am on week 4 of the 30 minutes in 12 weeks beginner running program.

I am a 22 and am in decent shape, I do pilates and other strength exercises a couple times per week in addition to running.

Today while running my shins started hurting and I'm pretty certain I have shin splints.

I have been doing the stretches recommended to prevent them and did ice my shins when I was finished running.

My question is do I need to quit running until they go away?

I'm really anxious to complete the running program but I also don't want to push it too much and have to quit for awhile.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Amy,
Thanks for your question about running with shin splints.

Good to hear you are doing one of my Beginner Running Programs.

If you indeed have shin splints, then, yes, I would recommend that you stop running.

The problem with issues like shin splints is that they can start off as little annoyances that go away quickly. But if you are not careful they come back with a vengeance and you can over time develop chronic shin pain which is not what you want.

Try to work out what is causing these shin splints.

Could it be your running shoes?

Or the surface you run on (hilly or hard surface)?

Keep on icing your shins, do those stretches and give your legs a break for a week. Then test yourself again and see how you go.

In the meantime go to the running shoe store and get your foot type checked. Bring in your current shoes so they can work out whether your shoes are right for you.

For other shin splint advice, check out the link above.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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