Chronic Pain in Feet and Lower Legs

by Rachel
(Williamsburg, Va)

I was in the Army in 1993. I went through Basic training and hurt my legs they refused to allow me to stop running every day. I ran through Basic and AIT nearly every day until 1995.

During the end of my stay in Washington state. At that time it caused me to actually fall to the ground when I ran, so they put my on medical leave from training.

I've been on it ever since.

I got out in 1996. I have tried to run since then but every time I do it hurts like hell. They swell up, turn red and start hurting mid calf on my right leg. This happens after running or being on my feet for extended amounts of time (like all day).

running tipsIf I keep it up it inches its way down to my ankle and up to my knee and my left leg also starts hurting and becoming tender to the touch and very difficult to walk on.

If I straighten my foot out and point my toe it hurts, it I sit on my feet it hurts and gets worse if i roll my feet out while I sit on them. So much it makes me jump.

I take Ibuprofen and ice them and stay off them and in a few days it stops hurting.

I've taken major breaks from running and I try to stay off my feet for more than a few hours at a time (which is hard since I'm a active person).

It seems it would have healed by now, it's been 15yrs.

They took an bone scan when it first started hurting but hasn't been done since.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I can't run, I jog out to the car once in a while but if I do much of that I actually fall to the ground.

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for your question.

I don't have an answer for you.

The early years of neglect seem to have turned this into a chronic condition.

This sounds like something that requires medical attention. It's gone beyond "simple" stress fractures or shin splints or cramps.

Go to a doctor and get scans done for proper diagnosis.

Best of luck.
Kind regards,

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