Am I Training Too Hard?

by Greg
(Hendersonvill, NC)

I am 57 years old and have been a runner for 30 years. Lately I have experienced built up fatigue. I have also lifted weights for 5 years. I average about 30 miles a week at 8:30 a mile and lift upper and lower body 4 days a week. Could this be too much? I no longer compete. My running days per week average 6 days a week.

Answer by Dominique:
Hi Greg,
Thanks for your running question.
We are at our top physical performance levels in our twenties. We are both a little bit past that, you a bit further than I am.

There is no doubt that you are slowly going to feel the effects of getting a bit older. The built-up fatigue could have to do with your running and additional exercise, but maybe a virus has gotten a hold of you and this may also be lifestyle-related.

For example, I am a father of quite young children and find this to be a particularly tiring period. Both my wife and I working, getting up early, coming home late, taking care of the kids, demanding jobs etc. Regardless of my running, I am tired quite often, can't wait until the weekend comes, but then I have got plenty of chores to do as well!

I can't look into your situation any further or read into what this fatigue is exactly caused by. The best thing to do is to go visit your doctor and get a check-up to make sure all is fine. In the mean time it best to make sure you get some extra rest and you may want to reduce the running and additional exercise a little bit by reducing the mileage or taking a few walking breaks in between.

It is so hard to pinpoint the exact reason of your fatigue, so I guess just make sure you take extra care of yourself and try to do everything well to reduce the fatigue and get back to normal.

Best of luck with this and hope you get well soon!

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