Achilles Tendonitis and Shoe Type

by Peter Sandler

I am just getting over a case of achilles tendonitis. It started about a week after I ran the NJ Marathon. I gave it about five weeks rest (just elliptical machine, no running) and did the ice, rest, heat thing also anti-inflammatories.

It feels a lot better and I just started some light running today with a brace. I am about a week away from getting into my training program for the Hartford Marathon and was wondering what is the best running shoe for this injury?

I run in the Brooks Glycerin. Is this a good shoe?

how to choose running shoes

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your running question.
It sounds like you have been really sensible with your achilles tendinitis.

The only remaining question I have is what would have caused this running injury to begin with. Were you overdoing it (too much mileage, too much hill work, was the marathon a little too much for you) or was it your footwear?

Brooks running shoes are quality and the Brooks Glycerin is one of their more popular neutral running shoes.

Neutral running shoes are great for you if you have a high arch.

When you have a high arch, your foot does not collapse enough when it lands, causing extra upward pressure on your achilles and lower legs.

Neutral running shoes generally have a softer mid-sole that allow your foot to have a more natural foot motion.

So, if you have a high arch, the Brooks Glycerin could very well be a suitable shoe for you. If you however don't happen to have a high arch, then the Brooks Glycerin may not be what you need.

You can go to a specialist foot store and ask them to test your foot type so you can be a bit surer about your shoes.

Best of luck in that marathon and I hope the achilles tendinitis stays away!


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