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Treadmill Running

Treadmill running is a good alternative to running outside.

Learn about the benefits of treadmill running and all the features of treadmills here...

Running on the treadmill is, to be completely honest, not my favourite activity.
I prefer running on the road, in the woods or on trails.
I guess for everybody this is different.
However, there are reasons why even I use the treadmill.

In this section I will point out some benefits of treadmill running over ´normal´ running. Moreover, this section will lead you to useful tips and pointers when you are thinking about getting your own treadmill.

Interested in getting a treadmill ?

To know what you want or need, you have to know which treadmill features are important. Check out an overview of the important key features of treadmills.

Reasons for using the treadmill :

  • Weather conditions

  • Hills

  • Safety

  • Test runs

  • Convenience

  • Easier on the legs

  • Everything at hand

  • Weather conditions

    Treadmill Running Small

    Temperature too high. Or too low. Too much wind. Too much rain. Very annoying when you are training for your best performance !
    The weather can be unforgiving at times pretty much everywhere in the world. So when going outside equals insanity, your treadmill helps you keep your training schedule.


    Originally I am from The Netherlands. A country with a moderate sea climate.
    Weather conditions are hardly ever so that I have to use a treadmill. In July 2004 my wife and I went on honeymoon to the Dominican Republic. It was scorching hot. Which was great, but not for running !

    The treadmill in the air-conditioned gym was very helpful...

    The treadmill in the gym did not help much in the end though. The many tropical cocktails and festive meals led to a weight increase of three kilos in ten days. Not a bad average !

    Ah well, worked it off quickly when I got back home.
    You only go on honeymoon once, right ?

    And now I live in Australia.
    The temperatures often rise high over here. Quickly too high, if you are a Dutchman !
    You can guess what I do, when I want to do a workout and the temperature is a bit too much for this Dutchie...


    Treadmill Running

    So I said I was from The Netherlands. Guess how high the highest hill is in The Netherlands ? A little more than 320 metres (1.050 feet)....
    And I am not living close to it..... In my area there was no height difference at all. Only flatlands.

    So I turn to the treadmill once in a while to do a hill workout. The treadmill is great for that.


    What is safer than running in the comfort of your own home ? I don't have difficulty with running outside and/or running in the dark.
    Unfortunately for female runners it is not always wise to go out running alone after the sun sets down.

    Your working hours are such that you can't get to your running shoes before night time ? Don't let that stop you from running ! Get on that treadmill !

    Test runs

    When you regularly test your progress you know what it is like. One time it snows, the other time it rains, then it is sunny, then there is wind.
    It is hardly ever so that circumstances are completely equal.

    The treadmill gives you the opportunity for equal test circumstances.
    A few test scenarios :

    You could use your heart rate monitor. Run a given distance at a given pace. Then monitor if your average heart rate is lower than on a previous test run.

    Or you could run at a given pace (fairly hard). And every minute increase the incline with 1 %. Until you have to stop. See if you get further every time !


    When you have crazy work hours... when you have kids around... when you want to watch your favourite TV show.... your treadmill is there for you !


    In 1997 I studied for a semester at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. Great university ! Go RAMS !
    There is a great recreation center there. It had an elevated indoor track of 200 metres length overseeing the gym.
    I quite regularly went to run in there. Sometimes combining a swim and a run workout.
    There were many students who walked or ran the treadmill while studying. Mainly females though, there is something striking about that female efficiency...

    When my wife takes her fitness classes I am left at home, babysitting.
    Then I regularly cross-train on a home trainer in our garage.
    My little girl accompanies me in the garage. She rides around there on her bike entertaining me with her life stories and her songs. And, what a motivator, when I am in a tough sprint workout and the sweat is dripping she cheers me on !
    Hey, I still prefer a run outside, but it is not a bad replacement.

    Easier on the legs

    Treadmill running is softer than running on concrete. It gives your legs a relative rest from the pounding they have to endure. There are quite a few runners who only run on the treadmill because road running gives them injuries.

    Everything at hand

    No need to carry your water bottle, fuel belt, bananas, energy bars etcetera. You can keep it all close to you without having to carry it. Most treadmills have convenient bottle holders. Something to look for if you go shopping for one !

    These were just a few reasons for treadmill running. Maybe you can think of more reasons. Maybe you only need one reason for treadmill running. Maybe you don't see a reason for treadmill running at all. It's your call.

    Interested in getting a treadmill ?
    To know what you want or need, you have to know which treadmill features are important. Check out an overview of the important key features of treadmills.

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