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Is it ok for my 9 year old to run a 10k?

Answer by Dominique:

Hi there,
That's a tough question. With just one line of info there is not much to go by. I'll assume we are talking about a normal fit young boy, not anyone who has been doing serious long distance training.

My daughter is nine. I dread when she asks me if she can come for a run with me. She can barely run 1k accompanied with a healthy dose of complaining, let alone 10k.

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She has done some hiking with us, some hikes > 10k, but we'd take it easy, take some breaks in between. And it's walking, no running.

If it were my kid, then I would not allow it.

It's a whole lot for kids.

There are no official races for kids that are that long, that's telling something.

I'd choose a much shorter race to do first, like a 3k, see how that goes and build up from there.

I don't think running the full distance is a good idea.

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