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Women's Saucony Running Shoes Reviews - The Best and Most Popular Running Shoes for Women that Saucony Currently Has on Offer

Looking for women's Saucony running shoes?

USA based brand Saucony produces very popular running shoes.

The company was founded in 1898 in Pennsylvania.

In the early 1900s it mostly produced children's shoes, averaging a production of over 800 pairs a day.

Saucony held on to its' independence for a long time, but was eventually taken over by Stride Rite in 2005. Stride Rite owns several other brands of shoes.

Saucony is actually Native American for "at the mouth of a river or creek". And why? Well, that's exactly where the first Saucony factory was built.

Before we get into some reviews of women's Saucony running shoes, I need to cover off on the topic of foot type. Foot type is important as it determines what type of running shoes are best for you.

Unsure about your foot type? Then check out the How to Choose Running Shoes page for more info.

Are you actually after men's Saucony running shoes? Then check out the Men's Saucony Running Shoes page.

Women's Saucony Neutral Running Shoes #1 - Women's Saucony PowerGrid Cortana 2

Women's Saucony PowerGrid Cortana 2
The design of PowerGrid Cortana2 by Saucony is perfect for those looking for some adrenaline and speed during their jogging, running or exercising sessions.

If you find yourself in such a situation then you should most definitely give them a chance, because you will not be disappointed.

In addition to the weight, which is less than 10 ounces, some other aspects worth mentioning about are the spectacular heel design, which ensures a perfect stability, as well as the cushioning system, providing extra protection and care for your feet.

Considering all these aspects, you can tell that this is one of the models you would not want to miss.

Click here for more information

Women's Saucony Neutral Running Shoes #2 - Women's Saucony ProGrid Ride 5

Women's Saucony ProGrid Ride 5
Choose one of the attractive mixes of Blue and Citron or Grey and Pink and stand out from the crowd with these ultimate running shoes, designed for your performance.

Because of the special Pro-Grid Lite system the shock resulting from any impact will be absorbed, hence keeping you save every time you decide to wear your brand new running shoes.

Furthermore, the lining was suggestively named Hydramax, suggesting the fact that it will keep you away from moisture, sweat or debris, even during the hottest summer days.

So choose ProGride Ride 5 if you are ready to make a difference.

Click here for more information

Women's Saucony Stability Running Shoes #1 - Women's Saucony ProGrid Guide 6

Women's Saucony ProGrid Guide 6
The added comfort and stability will be noticed from the moment you first wear your ProGrid Guide 6 by Saucony.

This ultimate model will provide you with plenty of useful features, in a design that only weighs 8.

9 ounces, so that you will also be able to gain some speed at the same time.

Some of the most important technologies the manufacturers have used for the production of these running shoes are the redesigned overlays and the midfoot saddle, added for extra comfort and security.

All in all, this is a great model and you would definitely not want to miss it.

Click here for more information

Women's Saucony Stability Running Shoes #2 - Women's Saucony ProGrid Omni 11

Women's Saucony ProGrid Omni 11
What will attract you right from the start is the design of this spectacular model.

The mix of silver and red will suit everyone's tastes, but the performance of the ProGrid Omni 11 from Saucony is definitely not to be ignored either.

This model is 1.

5 ounces lighter than the previous version, being suitable for those who also want to boost their adrenaline and gain some speed.

So if you feel like turning your running experience into something more spectacular, while still being comfortable and safe, this may be the best running shoes to invest in.

So start making a change now!

Click here for more information

Women's Saucony Stability Running Shoes #3 - Women's Saucony ProGrid Guide 5

Women's Saucony ProGrid Guide 5
White is mixed with purple or green for this very spectacular model, so that you get to choose what you like the most.

In addition to the attractive design, there are certain performance specifications that will equally impress you when it comes to the ProGrid Guide 5 from Saucony.

For example, the manufacturers equipped these running shoes with what they call a SRC impact zone, so that you are kept away from any injuries that may result after an impact.

In addition to this, the outsole is designed to make this model a durable one and hence save you plenty of money in the long run.

Click here for more information

This should give you a good feel for what types of women's Saucony running shoes are available to you.

You can simply click any of the links above to get more information on these, and other, Saucony running shoes.

Women's Saucony Running Shoes

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