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What are the Best Running Shoes for me?

by Gaurav Madan
(Delhi, INDIA)

I want to get me a new pair of running shoes. Browsed most shoe company websites and tried a few at Adidas and Reebok outlets; but I'm still confused. Want to think thrice before investing my thousand bucks.

Adding to it, Dr Rajat's new research of bare foot running has left me in a huge dilemma regarding new shoes. Please help me out.

I am an overpronator. During my journey with my last few pairs of shoes, I suffered knee injuries, shin splints and minor foot injuries at muscles around meta-tarsals. So I'm desperately looking for a shoe pair to provide me stable, balanced and injury free run.

Recently I saw the Gel Series of Asics, I found them impressive (as they are popular among athletes).

Please suggest me a good, strong, well cushioned and economic pair to make my life easy. My confusion seems to have no ending soon.

Please make some suggestion.


Answer by Dominique:
Hi Gaurav,
Thanks for your question about running shoe selection. You are truly a loyal visitor of my website! I have seen running quotes from you ... Running Quotes from Readers Page 7 and Running Quotes from Readers Page 5 and even a running story!

So, it is with a little sadness that I can give you some suggestions, but can't really tell you what is the best pair of running shoes for you. The big thing is that the best running shoes for me may not be the best running shoes for you.

Enjoy What You See? Here's Some More Interesting Stuff

When people have "easy" feet, then almost any running shoes are fine for them. When your feet are a bit more difficult it becomes a lot more.. well, difficult, I guess!

I have been running on ASICS running shoes for as long as I can remember and they have never let me down.

As an overpronator you need motion control running shoes.

I'd advocate visiting my How to Choose Running Shoes page to make a selection.

With regard to your running injuries, also keep in mind that as an overpronator you may go through your running shoes quicker than most runners, so you may have to replace your running shoes a bit earlier.

Haven't seen the commentary about the barefoot running, but I assume this is in reference to a thought that is getting more and more basis in modern running theory that it is better to land on the balls of your feet, rather than being a heel-striker.

More and more research suggests that this is true. The problem is that if you are a heel-striker, it is tough to "unlearn" your current way of running.

But it would be something to consider if you have had many foot problems. Check out the page about Newton Running Shoes, the page about Pose Running and the page about barefoot running shoes for more information about ball-of-foot-striking and the advantages that come with this.

In the end, it is really up to you. Either pick a good pair of motion control running shoes from one of the main brands or try out Newton for a different way of running altogether.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Good luck my friend and I hope I will soon hear from you again via a race report of your next race or for a review of your new pair of running shoes!

Kind regards,

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