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Best Sports Drinks for You

Sports drinks can help you replenish quickly during or after your run.

Each drink has a different build-up and different taste.

So it is important to experiment a bit until you have found the one that is right for you.

Check out a few reviews below.

Sports Drink #1: Milk

Milk provides a lot of calcium to the bones, thereby making them stronger. And you can even prevent osteoporosis by drinking milk! Close to around half a billion Americans suffer from osteoporosis and most of them being men. Vitamin D doubles the ability of the body to absorb calcium. Stronger bones mean a healthier, pain-free life ahead!

A recent study has also shown that milk can potentially be a great substitute for sports drinks after your exercise. The study proved that milk rebuilds muscles quicker and builds up muscle mass faster than energy drinks!

Sports Drink #2: GU2O Sports Drink

Gu Sports Drink
GU2O offers a great blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes that will help to hydrate your body quickly and prevent cramps or bloating. After four decades of scientific research, GU2O has been developed into a drink that provides enough energy, 26 g of carbs.

Click here for more information about the Gu Sports Drink

Sports Drink #3: Powerbar Endurance Drink

Powerbar Endurance Sport Drink
Powerbar Endurance Drink delivers 42g of carbs and keeps you hydrated with a specially developed blend of sodium electrolyte replacement and seven percent concentrated carbohydrates. Powerbar can help you keep going during your exercise!

Click here for more information about the Powerbar Endurance Sport Drink

More Popular Sports Drinks

Performance Recovery Endurox RX4 Accelerade
Click here for more information about the Performance Recovery Click here for more information about the Endurox RX4 Click here for more information about the Accelerade

The energy drink market is big. It is a five billion dollar industry that markets more than 500 brands and types of energy drinks.

When standing in the isle of the supermarket and thinking about which energy drink to buy, always read the label to see how many carbohydrates and electrolytes are being provided.

Experiment with a few different drinks during your training, so you know which drinks you like and give you the extra edge to perform at your best!

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