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Sports Bars: How Effective Are They?

The market today is filled with sports bars.

And miraculously, they are selling extremely well too!

People today are taking a lot of supplements to meet their daily vitamine and food intake requirements.

This is leading to the fast appearance of more and more sports bars on shopping shelves.

Protein bars, calcium bars, etc., etc. But are these sport bars really effective. Which ones are, which ones are not?

Are these bars a mere trick of the doctors and the product manufacturers to cheat us into parting with our precious and hard-earned money?

In this article I'll cover two sport bars that do what they are supposed to do.

Sport Bars Do Not Substitute Natural Nutrients

You must keep in mind that a sports bar is not the best possible source of nutrients. It is to be used only for emergency situations, when you need a quick hit of energy, and not on a regular basis. There are many fresh nutritious foods that you will be missing on if you rely too much on these sports bars. After all, do not forget that there is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also remember that these sports bars are not healthy. They are there to provide you with a good hit of energy so you can keep going. Nothing more, nothing less. They are not a well-balanced meal of protein, fat and carbohydrates. So, take it easy, use them as part of your longer workouts, as a quick replenishment afterwards if you are feeling lightheaded etc, but not as a standard part of your diet.

Sports Bars #1: Bars Box of 12

Bars Box of 12
This is a bar that gives you energy. The ingredients are such that you no longer have to waste your time and health by those crash dieting and fat burning sessions. You can get a sustained amount of energy even without those crash courses of dieting. This nutrition bar has 43 g of carbs and 10 g protein.

Click here for more information about the Bars Box of 12

Sports Bars #2: Performance Bar 12pk

Performance Bar 12pk
This sports bar has a glucose and fructose carbohydrate blend to energize you. Training starts too early to have breakfast? Need an instant energy hit? This energy bar is so effective that it will suffice for the meal and the huge amount of energy that you have just been forced to skip. So you see you can always rely on these energy bars when it comes to those emergency situations when you cannot afford to have your meal.

Click here for more information about the Performance Bar 12pk

Sports bars can provide you with that instant energy hit you need in times of trouble.

They are definitely not bad for you, but as stated before, you need to be careful with them.

Don't rely on sports bars as a standard part of your diet. Rely on fruits and vegetables instead.

Also, be very picky when it comes to sports bars.

Above you see two good alternatives, but there is no shortage of brands that will try to fool you in spending your hard-earned money on sports bars that may promise the world and taste great, but actually do very little to enhance your performance.

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