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Spira Running Shoes - The Niche Running Shoe Brand That Gets Consistently Good Reviews and Helps Relieve Your Foot Pain

Spira running shoes are a little less known than the shoes of the traditional big brands.

Spira is known for durability and performance.

They sell shoes in the category "problem-solving footwear".

As a niche brand you normally did not used to find them in the big sports stores.

But an internet store like Footsmart, known for its injury solutions, has been offering them for years.

And because they do offer quality, you see them in more and more stores nowadays.

So, what I am saying is, don't discount the small brands. Just because it does not have a swoosh logo, does not mean it's not worthy of your attention!

On this page I am reviewing a few different Spira running shoes on offer, for both men and women.

Women's Spira Running Shoes #1 - Spira Stinger 2

Spira Stinger 2
The design is the first thing that makes Stinger 2 by Spira stand out.

This is perhaps because of the color choice, but there are plenty of other features not to be ignored.

For example, the heels and forefoot were equipped with rubber inserts, so that the weight of the shoe is minimized and you are able to enjoy a better, more flexible running experience.

At the same time, the open air mesh is perfect for ensuring maximum breathability for your feet every time you use them and on any surface.

Last but not least, energy efficiency is ensured by the WaveSprings technology, which is a great addition to these ultimate running shoes.

Click here for more information

Women's Spira Running Shoes #2 - Spira GENESIS X

Support is the most important aspect of GENESIS X from Spira.

There are a couple of very advanced technologies responsible for this, all of which were embedded into an attractive white, blue and silver design.

With GENESIS X perfect cushioning will also be ensured, but your stability will never be compromised.

This perfect balance will help you take your running , jogging or exercising sessions to a brand new level and enjoy them more and more.

So if you were looking for safe, spectacular and good looking running shoes , GENESIS X may be the best choice for you.

Click here for more information

Men's Spira Running Shoes #1 - Men's Spira Stinger 2

Men's Spira Stinger 2
The Stinger 2 running shoes by Spira are known for being very lightweight.

So if you are a fan of speed and feeling lightweight during your running or jogging session this may be the right model to choose.

WaveSpring is the name of one technology Spira have used for producing these ultimate running shoes, but this is not all.

You will also enjoy the quality of the open air mesh, along with the stainless steel, which makes this model more durable than you have ever thought.

All in all, Stinger 2 by Spira are a valuable investment for every customer, so do not miss them.

Click here for more information

Men's Spira Running Shoes #2 - Men's Spira GENESIS X

Men's Spira GENESIS X
The high density medial pod and the wide heel platform blend perfectly into this extraordinary pair of running shoes.

Genesis X was created for your safety and comfort and the dynamic fit system integrated in the grey and black design does this job perfectly.

Other aspects worth mentioning are the WaveSpring designs that were used in the heels and the forefoot, as well as the medial post.

You will surely also be impressed with the cushioning system.

All in all, with Genesis X by Spira is a wise choice if you care about your safety and comfort during your running or jogging sessions.

Click here for more information

Men's Spira Running Shoes #3 - Men's Spira Odyssey

Men's Spira Odyssey
The first thing worth mentioning about the Odyssey running shoes from Spira is their durability.

Saving money has never been easier, so if this one of your top priorities when making this kind of investment Odyssey may be ideal for you.

Other than this, the WaveSpring technology blends perfectly with the durable construction, while the breathable air mesh is there for your safety and comfort, eliminating any trace of sweat, even if you choose to run during a very warm summer day.

For all these reasons, Odyssey by Spira is an investment that you would surely want to make if you care about quality.

Click here for more information

When you have had foot pain or foot troubles before, you may want to give Spira running shoes a chance.

They have great technology and perform well without having your foot take unnecessary abuse.

These are the shoes of choice if you want to relieve your foot pain.

Spira Running Shoes

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