Running Times and Frequency

I have been running 2-3 days a week for a little over a year now and I feel like a fairly good runner. But am I running enough? I try to run for about 45-60 minutes both outdoors and on a treadmill with incline.

Is three times a week and different lengths good? Is it ok to walk a bit when running?

Thanks so much,

Answer by Dominique:

Hi Carol,
Thanks for your running training question.
Running 2-3 days a week consistently is a great way to boost and maintain fitness.

Whether that is enough or not completely depends on your goals. The level of running you do sounds good enough to do 5k and 10k fun runs, but is on the light side if you want to go beyond that.

If you just want to maintain your current fitness, then what you are doing sounds like a good base. General government guidelines around the world are in the range of doing 4-5 times of about 30 minutes of moderate exercise.

Lately there has been a shift, with some governments advocating that you don't necessarily need to go out 5 times a week, as long as you cover the time per week of about 150 minutes of moderate exercise.
You seem to fall in that range.

Lately, as I have been getting a little older and maybe a little wiser, I focus a little bit more on overall body fitness as well. In addition to my running I spend a bit of time doing bodyweight exercises (push ups, crunches, squats, plank etc.) and doing a few weights. Part of me was sick of being the typical runner with strong legs and no upper body strength. But I am convinced that it helps me with my running as well.

It makes you a little stronger, a stronger core helps you maintain proper form and running technique and more and more studies show that it helps in running injury prevention.

So, if you can fit it in, I would recommend adding one or two days a week of cross-training to help make the rest of your body stronger. This can be weights and bodyweight exercises, but can also be swimming, aerobics, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

P.S. Just to answer all questions: there is nothing wrong with a little bit of walking when you need to!

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