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Running Socks for Women - Reviews

When you purchase running socks, it is extremely important that the socks fit correctly, are comfortable, and do not move around when you are running.

The performance you expect from running socks depends upon the type of running you will be doing.

However, keeping your feet dry and comfortable will be the most important part of running no matter whether it is a marathon or the run you do around the park every morning.

A good pair of running socks will help prevent blisters and foot problems. And there are even socks (compression socks) that can help boost performance!

These socks go knee-high and help keep the blood flowing in your calf muscles. Over longer distances like a marathon they can help shave minutes of your time!

Let's check out some of the reviews of women's running socks.

Running Socks for Women #1: RRS Thin No Show Socks

Thin No Show 3pk
This is a guaranteed 1000 mile sock. The comfort level is guaranteed to be the same from day one to the 1000th mile you run.

These socks will keep your feet drier than other brands that are on the market.

The high performance running sock has Micro Zap antimicrobial fibers to keep your feet from becoming smelly from perspiration.

If you need the orange stripe sock which is thinner for the race you will be running or the grey stripe sock for everyday running to protect against blisters, you can purchase the right pair of socks for the job.

These no-show socks come in a three pack and are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Click here for more information about the RRS Thin No Show 3pk

Running Socks for Women #2: Feetures Light Coolmax Socks

Light CoolMax with Fresh FX Quarter Sock 3pk
When you are looking for socks that will keep you from developing blisters and having miserable feeling feet, the Feetures Light Coolmax sock will fit the bill.

They are seamless for the perfect fit on your toes.

The socks keep your feet dry by using a 360 degree ventilation system to keep the air flowing and your feet breathing.

These socks stay put and do not slide around which can cause blisters and other foot problems.

These socks are great for women or men when comfort for running is extremely important.

A survey under marathon runners found that these socks were appreciated most for comfort and durability and many continue to buy these socks.

Click here for more information about the Feetures Light CoolMax with Fresh FX Quarter Sock 3pk

Running Socks for Women #3: Thorlo Running Mini-Crew Socks

Running Mini-Crew 3pk
The Thorlo Running Mini-Crew socks are available in 3 packs and they last forever.

These socks will keep your feet from developing blisters and the cushioning is comfortable but breathable.

This is a performance running sock that you will find is one of the most comfortable socks you have ever had.

The sizes available are for men and women. An extremely good rating was given to these socks by people who have been buying and wearing them for 10 years.

Click here for more information about the Thorlo Running Mini-Crew 3pk

Running Socks for Women #4: Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete Socks

Ultimax Triathlete Sock 3pk
When you buy the Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete sock you will be getting the Ironman sock.

These socks have been tested for endurance and are ultra-light but they are extremely durable.

They are not bulky yet they protect your feet from blisters and there is no moisture to keep your feet from becoming wet and uncomfortable.

Many runners who have worn these types of socks for many years will not buy another kind of sock.

They say they are the best socks for their training and running that they have ever worn.

Click here for more information about the WigWam Ultimax Triathlete Sock 3pk

It does not matter if you compete in running or jog around the block, the socks must be of the best quality to keep your feet dry and from getting injured.

Blisters and all the problems you can have with your feet just make you miserable.

When your feet hurt, the chances of running anywhere are nil.

So make you sure you get the right running socks for you.

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