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Running Socks for Men - Reviews

Running socks are an important part of running apparel.

Runners' socks are different than ordinary socks, even ordinary athletic socks.

They are often made to be moisture wicking so they cut down on moisture that reaches your feet and could make your feet irritated or soft.

The best running socks are also designed to:

  • Protect runners toes

  • Prevent calluses

  • Reduce bacterial buildup on the feet

  • Reduce the stress on the feet and legs

  • Be non-constricting

  • Do not wrinkle up inside your running shoes

  • Reduce pressure soreness.

  • Quite a list... A new style of socks, compression socks, which go knee-high are especially interesting as they have been proven to reduce muscle soreness and improve performance.

    So let's have a look at some quality running socks for men:

    Running Socks for Men #1: Feetures Light CoolMax Socks

    Light CoolMax with Fresh FX Low Cut 3pk
    On my list of top runners' socks, I certainly include the Feetures Light CoolMax with Fresh FX Low Cuts.

    These are truly great pieces of running technology.

    These Feetures socks are designed to eliminate painful blisters and maximize running comfort.

    They feature FEETURES patented Coolfeet Ventilation System, which gives you a one of a kind 360 mesh ventilation to maximize airflow, and their proprietary seamless PerfectToe.

    In addition, these amazing socks include power bands of lycra which sooth the foot while also keeping the socks in place. Wear these socks when you hit the roads and your feet will remain cooler, drier, and fresher.

    Click here for more information about the Feetures Light CoolMax with Fresh FX Low Cut 3pk

    Running Socks for Men #2: Thorlo Running Mini-Crew Socks

    Running Mini-Crew 3pk
    Another super seller amongst men's running socks are the Thorlo Running Mini-Crews.

    These sleek looking low cut socks eliminate blisters and provide you with the most cushioning available in perhaps any running sock.

    They're also very breathable so your feet stay fresh and supple.

    These socks are well-padded which may mean that they may make your running shoes feel small, so be careful.

    Click here for more information about the Thorlo Running Mini-Crew 3pk

    Running Socks for Men #3: Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete Socks

    Ultimax Triathlete Sock 3pk
    For runners who really want to go the distance or who train for multiple events such as triathlons, there are the excellent Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete Socks.

    These socks are top sellers because they really are Ironman Triathlete Endurance-tested and they pass those tests with flying colors. They're ultra-light and non-bulky.

    They also feature a patented moisture-control system so that your feet experience a whole new level of running comfort.

    Click here for more information about the Wigwam Ultimax Triathlete Sock 3pk

    Running Socks for Men #4: WrightSock Double Layer Lite Coolmesh Anklet Socks

    Double Layer Lite Coolmesh Anklet Sock 3pk
    If you want to look a little cooler, you could put on black WrightSock Double Layer Lite Coolmesh Anklet Socks.

    Each one of these running socks comprises two totally separate layers, permitting movement between the two layers which absorbs heat and friction.

    The patented Dri-WRIGHT multi-channeled yarns wick away moisture away from your feet and spreading it out over the channels so it has a larger area from which to evaporate--meaning that you always have blister-free runs.

    Click here for more information about the WrightSock Double Layer Lite Coolmesh Anklet Sock 3pk

    Running Socks for Men #5: RRS Performance Low Cut Socks

    Performance Low Cut 3pk
    They say there are no guarantees in life, but Road Runner Sports says differently.

    RRS Performance Low Cut runner socks are guaranteed for 1000 miles of running to remain as comfortable as the same day you bought them.

    The RRS socks are made from an antimicrobial fabric to provide you with light cushioning, outstanding moisture management, and superior arch support.

    This is why they are one of the biggest selling runner's socks in the world.

    Click here for more information about the RRS Performance Low Cut 3pk

    When you are a beginning runner, you will probably underestimate the importance of running socks.

    I still remember quite clearly my early days in which I did not use them.

    With blisters and black toes as a result.

    So, if you're going to hit the roads as a runner, don't neglect your socks.

    They're nearly as important as your running shoes.

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