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Choosing The Perfect Running Shoes for Your Feet

5k running tips
Choosing your running shoes is the single most important decision you make as a runner.

running top fuelbelt GPS speed and distance sensor Nike Imara Women

Read this section for must-know information about running shoes.

I will explain how to pick the running shoe that is right for you.

Injuries caused by your shoes

People have different foot types. Your shoes don't match with your foot type ? Then you are likely to get an injury sooner or later !

Common injuries caused by the wrong running shoes are:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Achilles Inflammation

  • Posterior Tibialis Syndrome

  • Knee Pains

  • Stress Fractures

  • Black toenails

  • Etc., etc.

  • infographic running shoes

    Not a pretty list ! Therefore I hope that you follow my advice outlined in this section. So that you know what to look for in a running shoe.

    Check your foot type


    Before you are off to your favourite running store, first take a moment to test yourself and establish your foot type.

    Quite a few different factors get involved in establishing your foot type. For all the know-how on how to do this go to my How to Choose Running Shoes page.

    Also check out this video that explains another way to find your foot type by the makers of Newton Running Shoes.

    Want to learn more about Newton running shoes?
    Then check out my page about Newton Running Shoes

    Stability, motion control and cushioning

    So, depending on your foot type you will need shoes which offer stability, motion control or cushioning :

    If you have a normal arch, you're likely a normal pronator, meaning you'll do best in a normal shoe. A little extra stability is always good, so look for a stability shoe that offers moderate pronation control.

    Runners with flat feet normally overpronate, so they do well in a motion-control shoe that controls pronation.

    High-arched runners typically underpronate, so they do best in a neutral-cushioned shoe that encourages a more natural foot motion.


    Don't know your foot type or uncertain about it? Then always visit a specialty running store where they have a podobaroscope, a glass surface with a mirror underneath, or where they do footscans which will be able to tell you right away what type of foot you have and what type of running shoe you need.

    running quote

    Expert running store

    When you are really unsure about what type of shoes is best for your feet, it is best to visit a specialty running store. They have the equipment and the personnel to help you. You will recognize a good store by some of the following characteristics :

    my old running shoe

  • They will ask you to bring your old pair of shoes to the store. Only by looking at your running shoes (especially the wear and tear and where exactly this is happening) an expert will already be able to tell quite a lot about your degree of pronation. By the way, always bring your running socks as well and, if you use them, your orthotics. So visit the store with the footwear you always wear when running !

  • They will ask detailed questions about your training and running history (time you have been running, mileage per week, longest runs, what are you training for at the moment, which kind of surface do you run on, have you had foot problems, injuries in the past).

  • There is footscan equipment or a treadmill with video equipment. While you are running on the treadmill trying out different types of shoes, the camera is registering what your feet do. The salesman will be able to tell if your feet are stable and straight.

  • You are allowed to do a test run; if not on the treadmill, then at least in front of the store. You can't test your running shoes properly if you are not allowed to run on them before buying them.

  • They will tell you how long the shoes will last for. Good running shoes go normally for 600 to 900 miles. But there are exceptions. A good running store knows which shoes go longer and which don't.

  • Running Shoe Reviews - The Big Brands

    To make it easier for you to make your running shoe choice I have put together a number of shoe reviews.

    Click on the links below to see some of those reviews.

    Nike has been known for years by their swoosh logo and infamous "just do it" tagline. They have always been at the forefront of new technology, and many brands find themselves scrambling to catch up. Prices tend to be on the high-end, but most people will say that they are well worth it.

    Nike Runners for Men | Nike Running Shoes for Women

    Also check out some of the more popular types in the Nike range:

    Nike Free Running Shoes | Nike Air Running Shoes

    New Balance
    New Balance running shoes are crafted by New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., a United States based manufacturer. New Balance has been a front runner in the shoe industry since its founding in 1906. New Balance running shoes are known for being available in a much wider range of widths and sizes than most competing brands.

    Men's New Balance Shoes | Women's New Balance Shoes

    In 1914 a man named Morris Goldenberg started his dream company, Brooks Sports, Inc.. Brooks is a privately held company that manufactures high performance shoes and apparel, specifically for runners.

    In the beginning Brooks manufactured bathing shoes. After that they began producing cleats for baseball (1920) and then cleats for football in the 1930s.

    Nowadays Brooks has its' headquarters in Bothell in Washington. It is one of the few large scale athletic apparel and shoe companies still operating predominantly from the USA, rather than overseas.

    Brooks Running Shoes for Men | Brooks Shoes for Women

    Saucony running shoes are very popular. Saucony is a USA based brand, founded in 1898 in Pennsylvania. It originally specialized in children's shoes, and was producing over 800 pairs a day in the early 1900s. With over 100 years of experience, the brand now specializes in shoes for runners.

    Men's Saucony Shoes | Women's Saucony Shoes

    ASICS is a Japanese company which has been in business since 1949. ASICS is an acronym that stands for Anima in Sana in Corpora Sano which means "healthy mind in a healthy body".

    ASICS not only produces running shoes, but also many other shoes, e.g. for tennis, football, cricket, martial arts, track and field, lacrosse, cheerleading etc.

    ASICS Runners for Men | Buy ASICS Running Shoes Online (Women)

    ASICS has got a number of very popular types of shoes. I have dedicated some separate pages to them as they are so well-known:

    ASICS Nimbus | ASICS Kayano | ASICS Cumulus

    Mizuno running shoes are a popular choice for many male and female runners. Mizuno offers a great selection of running shoes. Have a look at some of the top Mizuno running shoes available today to help you find the best running shoes for you.

    Discount Mizuno Running Shoes

    Here's Some Awesome Pages for You to See

    Running Shoe Reviews - The Specialist Brands

    Newton running shoes can help you create a change in the way you'll run. Are you a traditional "heel-striker" and you are having injury problems? Then Newton can help change you into a "ball-of-foot striker".

    Check them out, they are my shoe of choice for natural running: the

    Newton Running Shoes

    Also make sure to check out the Barefoot Running Shoes page that talks about the problems and opportunities with barefoot / natural running.

    Spira running shoes are a little less known than the shoes of the traditional big brands. Spira is known for durability and performance. They sell shoes in the category "problem-solving footwear".

    As a niche brand you did not used to find them in the big sports stores, but they are slowly making inroads:

    Spira Shoes

    Ryka athletic shoes are intended for women only. They are narrower in the heel and also offer a wider forefoot for the best in comfort. Whether you are walking, running or just wearing them around town, Ryka shoes are stylish and sporty.

    Ryka Shoes for Women

    Pearl Izumi

    I was wondering whether I should put Pearl Izumi up in the big brands. section. I have left them "down here" for now, but may have to change that soon. These guys are getting more popular by the minute!

    Pearl Izumi Running Shoes

    Running Shoe Reviews - Special Terrain

    Cross Country
    A good pair of cross-country running shoes should be able to stand up to all kinds of rugged terrain. They should be able to deal with smooth and rough surfaces, and extreme weather conditions. The shoes should fit snug and be comfortable while providing you with stability and support, both in the front and heel region.

    Cross-Country Shoes for Men | Cross-Country Shoes for Women

    Good trail running shoes are hard to find. They need to be that perfect mix between a running shoe and a hiking shoe. You as a trail runner, understand why. Your shoe needs to be sturdy and needs to be able to deal with the impacts of running on trails. On the other hand you want your shoes to be not too heavy.

    Also see the special page about Nike Trail Running Shoes

    Running Shoe Reviews - Cheap Running Shoes

    Have a limited budget? But you do not want to compromise with quality and brand? Then this section is for you. Want quality-brand clearance running shoes, then find them via the links below.

    Discount Running Shoes For Men | Discount Running Shoes For Women

    Running Shoe Reviews - Best Rated Running Shoes

    For runners at every level, picking the right running shoe is essential for performance, safety and health. Whether you run for fun or competitively, the best rated running shoes will help you put your feet to the pavement safely and effectively. Find out more about these shoes:

    Best Rated Running Shoes for Men | Best Rated Running Shoes for Women

    Shoes are the most important part of your running apparel.

    Bad shoes inevitably lead to injuries.

    Good shoes (along with common sense so you don't overtrain) will prevent injuries.

    You can always find bargains.

    But never go for lower quality running shoes.

    Get the best shoes for YOUR feet and you'll be a happy runner!

    base running

    Got a Question about Running Shoes? Or Like Your Running Shoes? Tell Me About It!

    Do you really like your running shoes?
    Then take a few minutes to let us know about them. It may help your fellow-readers make their mind up about their next pair of running shoes!

    Please tell us:
    Brand and Type of Shoes (incl Men/Women)
    What you like about your shoes.

    Also use this space to ask your questions about running shoes.

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