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Running Pants for Men - Reviews

Running pants need to be comfortable and protective against the cold.

However, you do not want to sweat to death in them (especially in the summer months when you wear them when you are running in the rain for instance).

You want the pants to be made of breathable, non-restrictive materials and you want to make sure that the blood flow and the leg muscles are never hampered.

And, ideally, you would want your running pants to look stylish or sharp as well.

I have put together my short list of top quality runner's pants that are great for just about any running occasion.

Running Pants for Men #1: Nike Dri-Fit Running Pants

Dri-Fit Running Pant
Nike's Dri-Fit Running Pants surely need to be at top of any runner's list of apparel.

These are proprietarily designed to enable runners to give their best performance while remaining in absolute comfort.

Nike's patented Dri-FIT fabric keeps moisture minimized.

There are zippered hand pockets where important items like keys, energy bars, or moisturizing gum can be kept while you're on the roads, and zippers also come into play with zippered leg openings to enable easy sliding over shoes for quick removal or putting on.

Click here for more information about the Nike Dri-Fit Running Pants

Running Pants for Men #2: RRS Speed Performance Running Pants

Speed Performance Running Pant
The RRS Speed Performance Running Pants are another excellent buy for the runner who is serious about his "equipment".

These completely updated Speed Performance Running Pants include moisture-wicking technology, mesh side stripes and inner key pockets, and zippered pockets on the outside.

The back leg zips for quick and easy put on removal without needing to take off the shoes.

There's also the ubiquitous Road Runer Sports reflective logo and proprietary DRYROAD Spandex fabric construction.

Click here for more information about the RRS Speed Performance Running Pants

Running Pants for Men #3: Adidas Astro Running Pants

Response Astro Pant
It comes as no surprise that Adidas has its pants in the ring with their Response Astro Pants for runners.

These are designed with the proprietary ClimaLite to give runners light, breathable performance while at once providing comfortable, relaxed-fitting fabric to facilitate freedom of movement.

There are also mesh ventilation inserts.

Side pockets and zip-close ankle openings add convenience to these high performance pants.

Click here for more information about the adidas Response Astro Pants

Running Pants for Men #4: Mizuno Breath Termo Pants

Breath Thermo Pant
Mizuno Breath Thermo Pants for runners are an excellent running product.

These are all-temperature, all-weather, high endurance runner's pants which are made with antibacterial tech that amazingly transforms body moisture into heat.

Also, their soft, non-pill fleece feels wondrous when you're on the roads.

Plenty of convenient pocket space here, too.

Click here for more information about the Mizuno Breath Thermo Pants

Never skimp on your running pants.

You need to keep your legs sufficiently protected.

However at the same time you need to make sure your muscles remain loose and your movements totally unhindered.

Also consider getting a pair of performance-enhancing running tights.

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