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Running Insoles

Running insoles are placed in your shoes and give your feet that extra bit of protection.

We runners regularly abuse our legs and feet. The leg muscles work very hard during a run, as do the feet.

Runner’s feet absorb an incredible amount of shock every time they hit the pavement. The impact is greatest at the point of meeting, which are the feet.

All this impact can cause injuries.

A solution to this problem is running insoles that can be inserted into your shoes.

Running insoles are designed to absorb shock, provide better posture, help in general with a whole host of problems that runners experience.

This article covers:
  • What are Running Insoles?

  • Why do we have Running Insoles?

  • Why should we use Insoles constantly?

  • Where can I find insoles

  • What are Running Insoles?

    Running insoles are exactly as they sound. They are designed to be placed inside the running shoe. There are insoles with extra cushion that are designed to absorb more of the shock when your feet hit the pavement. There are also insoles that are specifically designed to improve running posture. There are running insoles that will take on the job of adding cushion to correct a woman’s alignment. There are even running insoles that will help with a painful foot due to bacteria build-up.

    Why do we have Running Insoles?

    The job of a running insole is to provide comfort for your feet. If you’re considering buying an insole, you’ll probably already be feeling the effects of the running that you have been doing on those poor feet. These insoles are designed to relieve those pressures.

    Anyone that does any sort of physical activity, especially runners, should consider purchasing insoles for the shoes you wear when playing. These insoles will protect your feet from the negative effects this type of activity can have on them. They will provide the much needed cushion to a runner’s feet so that when she/he finishes the marathon, their feet will still feel brand new. The running insoles will ensure that your posture and formation are correct when playing your sport of choice and running. This will lead to overall better health due to correct posture and means of exercise.

    Why should we use insoles constantly?

    Be sure, once your insoles are purchased, to put them in your shoes any time you exercise. It is a common misconception that the floor of a gym or court will not be as hard on your legs as the solid ground outdoors. The impact is still there as well as the amount of weight you include in that impact due to current bodyweight. You must be sure to protect yourself indoors just as well as outside. Running insoles will help you create the right amount of exercise with none of the risk of traditional shoes with no insoles.

    Where can I find insoles?

    A great place to go for your insoles is FootSmart. FootSmart is a leading online retailer in the space of foot and lower body health. Looking for insoles? Then you might want to check their large online collection. It is easy and convenient to order from behind your computer. Go check them out.
    See below a small selection out of over 60 types of insoles they supply.

    New Balance X-Sole Men's Motion Control Insoles, Pair

    new balance xsole mens motion control insoles pair steady stride

    New Balance X-Sole Men's Motion Control Insoles steady your stride with motion control

    Price: US$39.99

    PowerStep Insoles, Pair

    powerstep insoles pair doctor developed relieve foot pain strain replacement power step fasitis fashitis sale discount ionline shoe insert feet lower body heel

    Doctor developed PowerStep Insoles relieve foot pain and strain

    Price: US$24.99

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit Men's / Women's Full Length Insoles, Reorder, Pair

    archcrafters custom fit mens womens full length insoles reorder pair maximum comfort ultimate 10049 made orthotics high arches shoe insert foot feet lower body pain stabilize

    Reorder your ArchCrafters Custom Fit Men's / Women's Full Length Insoles here for maximum comfort and the ultimate fit

    Price: US$99.99

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit Men's / Women's Golfer's Full Length Insoles, Pair

    archcrafters custom fit mens womens golfers full length insoles pair provide stability slim design

    ArchCrafters Custom Fit Men's / Women's Golfer's Full Length Insoles provide stability with a slim design

    Price: US$99.99

    Running insoles will be there for you when lower impact exercise is not an option.

    Sometimes you must do exercises that will not make your legs feel good, but the right insoles will make this change far more bearable.

    Your feet are important to you as an athlete and should be given the best care and now anyone can do that.

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